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Meet our researcher – Oisín C. Joyce - PhD Student Physiology

He confesses to a yearning for superpowers, but for the time being Oisín Joyce, has set aside the cape and cowl for science and research.

He is currently undertaking a PhD Degree on “Concussion and Brain Health” under the supervision of Prof. Áine Kelly in the Discipline of Physiology, Oisín graduated with a First Class Honours primary degree in Health & Performance Science in UCD in 2017, followed closely by a Masters in Neuroscience at TCD, graduating with Distinction. The subject of Oisín’s

Concussion and brain health are an escalating public health concern with an estimated annual incidence rate of 1.6 - 3.8 million sports-related concussions. Understanding of its pathophysiology is limited as it involves complex physiological processes induced by traumatic biomechanical forces. Unfortunately, concussive events are known to affect perception, reducing multisensory integration efficiency, and negatively affecting neurocognitive functioning.

Oisín’s doctoral research aims to investigate the utility, reliability and validity of a computerised test of multi-sensory integration in the hopes it would aid in the diagnosis, prognosis and recovery following a concussive incident by determining neurosensory changes or deficits in vision and/or hearing. On a more general level, his  research is focused on the long-term brain health of those with a history of concussion using blood-based biomarkers and measures of cognition and mental health.

Oisín confesses to a life-long love of superheroes and is an avid collector of comic books. His curiosity of fantasy and science-fiction has influenced the way he views the world. Oisín’s non-linear viewpoint has endowed him with a more evolved sense of creativity and intuition. And that can only be of benefit in the field of research.