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Sláintecare TCD Researcher nominated as HRB Research Leader

Dr Steve Thomas, Director Centre for Health Policy & Management, School of Medicine, TCD is one of five new research leaders newly funded by the HRB to conduct research programmes that will deliver evidence to directly inform changes in health policy and practice.

The prestigious funding award will enable Dr. Thomas to continue his research programme in the area of Health System Performance and Reform which evaluates evidence-based strategies to support the effective roll-out of the Sláintecare reform programme.

Speaking about the award, Dr. Thomas said: 'This research supports overarching Sláintecare policy. The health system in Ireland is embarking on arguably the most radical transition it has ever planned with the Sláintecare reform programme to deliver universal healthcare. The challenge for health system policy makers and managers is to maintain the resilience and stability of the Irish health system to allow effective reform to occur whatever the circumstances, whilst not undermining system performance’.

‘This research programme examines the key challenges facing the Sláintecare reform programme and evaluates strategies to facilitate its effective and thorough implementation in a complex adaptive system. It explores the legacy of the austerity period and how this has changed the health system for good or ill and reviews the causality of how shocks to the system challenge or even facilitate reform. In particular, it evaluates public sector staff engagement over time both as a sign of resilience and a precondition for the implementation of effective change