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Grant application endorsement policies

All applications for research funding and acceptances of research awards must be endorsed by the Head of School. To gain Head of School endorsement, all School of Medicine staff members should follow the guidelines below.

Research Applications

A minimum of 3 days’ prior to your submission of a research funding application please email the School Research Office ( providing : -

  1. A copy of the final application
  2. A copy of the budget
  3. A link to the funder call to which you are applying
  4. Notice of the deadline for submission
  5. The endorsement of your Academic Head of Department should also be provided via email.

Letters of Support for Research Applications

Some funders require letters of support from TCD for the applicant.

It is commonplace for templates of these letters to be provided by the College Research Office, these letters should be completed and provided via email to for the Head of School to sign.
Trinity letterhead should be used when the Dean of Research is to co-sign these letters. School of Medicine letterhead should be used only when the Head of School is to sign.

All queries relating to such letters should be sent at the earliest time to

Research Contracts & Awards

When an electronic endorsement is required

  1. please email the School Research Office ( a copy of the award acceptance letter or final version of research contract* (*approved by the College Contracts Office) which includes the scanned signature of the PI
  2. please state the deadline for return to the College Contracts Office
  3. please provide the endorsement of your Academic Head of Department via an email or their signature on the contract or award letter is also acceptable

When a hard copy signature is required

  1. please contact the School Research Office, ( and provide advance notice of this requirement, normally a minimum 3-5 days’ notice is required in this instance
  2. the original contract must be provided which includes the signature of the PI and Head of Department to : The School of Medicine Research Office, Level 1, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, Trinity College Dublin 2 an arrangement for collection on the hospital sites can be organised, with notice

Letters of Research Activity and Overhead

When a PI has the agreement of their Academic Head of Department, they can house their research award in a College Research Institute, rather than in the School of Medicine. This agreement should be in place and noted at the time of applying for the research award. When the grant award paperwork is provided to the College and PI, the College Contracts Office provide forms (CAF & RAS) to be completed to ‘set up’ the award in College. Together with these when appropriate a Letter which outlines where the award is to be housed is to be completed. This letter must be signed by the Head of School and the Director of the relevant Research Institute (e.g. TTMI, or TBSI, or TCIN, or CRANN). The signature of the Director of the Institute should be sought first. Provision of the signed letter should be made via email to, and Head of School endorsement will be provided in return.