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TCD MED Research Seed Awards Call 2023

The School of Medicine is pleased to launch the TCD MED Research Seed Awards Call 2023 which seeks to support Early to mid-career stage researchers.

The €50,000 TCD MED Research Seed Awards Programme supports new and innovative research with the aim of enhancing researchers’ ability to compete for large-scale, external awards. The 2023 programme will award 5 projects €10,000 each. The projects should be completed within 12 months

Fund Objective
The aim of the TCD MED Research awards is to support new and innovative research and enhance the School of Medicine’s ability to compete for large-scale, external awards. In additional the awards will provide funding for approaches that aim to optimise the translation and communication of the school’s research impact and benefit to society. One of the primary aims of the TCD-Med Research awards is to support early career researchers from the School of Medicine by providing them with an opportunity develop their owns research ideas as PI on a grant.

Eligibility criteria
Those eligible to apply as PI include:

  • Early to mid-career stage candidates, including Research Fellows, Senior Research Fellows, Lecturer Registrars, Research Assistant Professors, Assistant Professors, Clinical Lecturers, Adjunct Assistant Professors, Clinical affiliated and clinical adjunct colleagues, with an affiliation to TCD School of Medicine
  • Applicants can be a member of the academic or research staff of the School of Medicine for the duration of the proposal project. Clinical affiliated and clinical adjunct colleagues are eligible to apply.
  • This programme is NOT open to applicants who have been awarded funding from Trinity College Dublin over the last 12 months, e.g. Dean of Research Booster Award or Dean of HS Research Initiative Award)

Evaluation criteria
The evaluation criteria will be based on how the proposal meets the following objectives:

  1. To develop preliminary data around new research ideas to enhance a more successful grant application from public and private agencies, in particular Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, European Research Council, the Health Research Board, the Irish Research Council and Science Foundation Ireland, and Wellcome Trust.
  2. To disseminate novel, innovative research ideas that will have a tangible impact on the respective research field increasing the national and international reputation of TCD School of Medicine and its research portfolio.
  3. To promote research excellence with findings that have the potential to impact positively on society through communication and societal engagement
  4. Promoting change in clinical practice.

Research Focus Areas
Proposals must focus on research in one of the following focus areas:

  1. Children’s Health
  2. Cancer
  3. Personalised Medicine
  4. Mental Health and Neuroscience
  5. Infection and Immunology
  6. Population Health and Health Policy
  7. Ageing

Key Dates
Opening Date: Thursday 27th October 2022
Closing Date: Thursday 26th January 2023 at 5pm
Award Announcement: Monday 31st March 2023

Evaluation Criteria
Proposals for funding will be reviewed based on the following scoring criteria:





Project description



The proposal should demonstrate how it meets the overall objectives of the scheme in being novel & innovative. How it will advance the researchers’ ability to compete for large-scale, external awards. The proposal should show how well the objectives align with the  School of Medicine research strategy pillars




Clear indication of how the proposed research will have significant impacts either in terms of advancing scientific knowledge and state of the art or in the broader sense of positive benefits to society. Make reference to any potential of seed project to attract future public and/or private funding with clear definition of the external funding pathway

Applicants CV and track record for stage for career



The record of achievement of the researcher will be evaluated, with particular emphasis on how this project will contribute to expanding the applicants scientific skills and collaborative network. The project should also serve to advance the  career stage of the applicant

Potential for dissemination and communication to all stakeholders/PPI



It is important that the applicant has considered incorporating a communication  and dissemination using channels tailored to respective stakeholder types

How to apply
The applications should be submitted as a pdf and include all sections within page limits. Completed application packs must be submitted electronically to by Thursday 26th January 2023 at 5pm.

I. Cover Page: 1 page maximum
Applicant details and Project Outline

  • Project Title
  • Focus Area (choose one of the focus areas)
  • Name of applicant, title and discipline
  • Contact email and phone number
  • Project Lay Abstract: 200 words
  • Project Scientific Abstract: 200 words

II. Project Description: 2 page maximum

Describe the project, with emphasis on the innovative and transformative nature of the research, to include project background, aims and deliverables/timelines, potential to leverage funding, potential for Public patient involvement and/or societal engagement

IV. Budget: 1 page maximum

  • The budget may include consumables, communication costs, venue hire, creation of educational material, publication costs, online education cost, travel and equipment.
  • Academic salaries will not be funded but buy out time for clinicians is eligible to support the short term hire of a research assistant.
  • Funding should be spent over a maximum of 12-months, from date of first payment/start date of first recorded expense in the financial report template.

III. CV & Track Record

  • Applicant CV – 2 pages

Review Panel and Awards

  • Proposals will be reviewed by a Peer Review Committee with expertise in each of the identified research categories.
  • Awards for winning proposals will be based on the recommendations of the Peer Review Committee with the final decisions by the Director of Research.

Application Checklist Item


Cover Page

1 page

Project Description

2 pages

CV & Track Record   

2 pages


1 page

Completed Application

6 pages

Application Checklist Item Details
Cover Page 1 page
Project Description 2 pages
CV & Track Record 2 pages
Budget 1 page
Completed Application 6 pages

Application pack should be submitted in a single pdf file by email to by the deadline of Monday 26th January 2023 at 5pm.
Subject Line: TCD MED Research Seed Awards 2023

For further questions: email

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