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Development of a common taxonomy and refinement of the Radiation Oncology Safety Information System with direct linkage from an [ARIA®] or [MOSAIQ®] – enabled Incident Reporting and Learning System

PI:  Dr Joanne Cunningham and Mary Coffey
Purpose:  To improve patient safety in radiotherapy by enabling more efficient and effective sharing of information on incidents and near incidents to enable centres to learn from each other and in this way to improve the safe delivery of radiotherapy and to develop a safety culture internationally.  

Specific Aims and Approach:    

  1. To develop a common taxonomy
  2. To revise the existing ROSIS system to incorporate this taxonomy and to develop comprehensive methods of feedback and analysis
  3. to integrate the local modules with the international system
  4. To develop an educational package for the implementation of the patient safety module and the integration with the international system
  5. To develop a plan to sustain ROSIS past the term of this funding


  • A common taxonomy for patient safety in radiation oncology
  • Connectivity of the patient safty module to the international safety system ROSIS and, where possible, compatibility with other international system
  • Revised ROSIS database with output reports, analysis, generalised feedback, stakeholder specific feeback, peer-reviewed publications
  • An educational toolkit/training packages for pilot phase implementation
  • A manuscript describing the validation process and the experience of individual clinics with the software implementation
  • A detailed report of the process and outcomes
  • A plan to sustain and further develop the ROSIS to reach a wider community

Impact:  To demonstrate a strong commitment to patient safety through sharing with the international community.  As this is the first project with joint collaboration between the two major radiotherapy equipment suppliers it has a unique opportunity to change the attitude and approach to safety in radiotherapy in the future

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Professor Eric Ford, University of Washington Medical Centre, Seattle
Professor Sasa Mutic, Washington University Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Professor Todd Pawlicki, University of California, San Diego