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Past Outreach Activities

Word of MouthThe School of Dental Science at Trinity College Dublin launched a book of memoirs, thoughts and advice from mouth, head and neck cancer survivors and healthcare professionals involved in their care. The book is entitled Word of Mouth - Coping with and Surviving Mouth, Head and Neck Cancers.

Word of Mouth includes both stories from people with direct experience of diagnosis, treatment and recovery and advice from healthcare professionals. Agnella Craig, Assistant Professor in the Discipline of Radiation Therapy contributed the section on Radiotherapy contained in part one of this book- What To Expect From Treatment: Advice From The Professionals.



Discover Dublin

On the 27th September 2013, events and activities were staged across the campus of Trinity College, as well as inside and outside the RIA on Dawson Street, along with outdoor projections on buildings around the centre of Dublin. These included:

  • Hands-on experiments conducted by researchers
  • Scientific demonstrations with public participation - crowd-sourcing events
  • Guided visits of labs, research institutions, museums …usually closed to the public
  • Family-friendly activities
  • Competitive activities (pub quizzes! Lego challenges!)

All activities had a direct public involvement and emphasized fun engagement over a broad range of topics and types of researchers. For more information about the event click here

Discover Research Dublin was financed by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme for Research under the Marie Curie People Programme Research conducted by the Applied Radiation Therapy Trinity (ARTT) group at the TCD Discipline of Radiation Therapy was show cased at this event. This showcase took place on 27th September in Stanley Quek Lecture Theatre, TBSI, Trinity College Dublin.

Discover Dublin Image
Discover Dublin
Discover Dublin
Discover Dublin Image
Discover Dublin Image

Patient-centred Exhibition and Public Outreach Event

Radiation Patient LogoThe Discipline of Radiation Therapy at Trinity College Dublin (TCD)  hosted a patient-centred exhibition and public outreach event aimed at promoting knowledge and awareness of radiation therapy in the general public at the Science Gallery, TCD on the 21st of June 2013. The purpose of this event was twofold.  First, it was a public information event about radiation therapy, which  included information sessions for the public as well as showcasing the Discipline’s European achievements, as part of Ireland's EU presidency.  The Discipline also launched its research group, ARTT (Applied Radiation Therapy Trinity) at the event.

The format of RADIENT was  a series of information lectures and showcases, juxtaposed with patients’ own experiences of radiation therapy as expressed by former patients, through direct educational input, alternative media such as works of art and literary contributions was also used.  Other events throughout the day  included:

  • Mapping of the patient journey through radiation therapy
  • Outlining of the treatment process and how a treatment machine works
  • Demonstration of virtual simulation software to demonstrate radiotherapy treatment
  • A “spoken word” session, with contributions from well-known authors Lia Mills and Emma Hannigan, who have written about their experiences of cancer treatment
  • An art exhibition,  with contributions from former/current patients who wish to express themselves through the medium of individual works of art

Description: VERT ImageThis was the first event of its kind in Ireland and the outcome of  promoting an awareness of radiation therapy and dispelling the many myths that exist surrounding its use were achieved during the event.







Michelle Leech, Associate Professor and Mary Coffey, Adjunct Associate Professor have recently been invited to join the Union of International Cancer Control's Global Task Force on Radiotherapy for Cancer Control.  The remit of the task force is to ascertain what investment is required to bring global radiotherapy services to an acceptable standard.

Further details on this project are available at:

Transition Year Programme

The Discipline of Radiation Therapy runs two separate work-experience weeks for transition year students each year, taking 16 students for each session, as part of a college wide programme. Students are selected from a range of schools around the country to maximise school participation. The students spend some time in the molecular medicine laboratory and the remaining time is devoted to providing an overview of the course and clinical aspects of radiation therapy.

Secondary School Students

The Discipline is actively involved in the Trinity College Open Day for secondary school students.  Second-level students, mature students, guidance counsellors, teachers and parents/guardians are invited to attend. Academic staff and current students are present at this event to provide detailed course information and to discuss your course options at the many course specific stands.

Further information is available from Studying at Trinity website

Other information sessions are organised throughout the year, on demand, with tours of clinical departments to give secondary students an insight into what a career in radiation therapy entails.

Prospective Student Hospital Information Sessions

The Discipline provides information sessions for prospective students in clinical radiation therapy departments. These sessions are designed to provide students with a better understanding of radiation therapy and the role of the radiation therapist. These are organised throughout the academic year based on demand.

These sessions include a visit to a clinical department where prospective students are guided though a patient’s radiation therapy journey and insights are offered into the role of the radiation therapist. Information is also provided on the degree programme and career opportunities for radiation therapists.
If you are interested in attending a hospital visit please contact Ms. Magdalene Dougall, Executive Officer on

Trinity Access Programme

The Discipline of Radiation Therapy is a proud supporter of this initiative.  Many of our students have come through this route to third level education, and we actively encourage other students to follow suit.

Established in 1993, the Trinity Access Programme is part of Trinity's contribution to tackling social exclusion, through a range of innovative, targeted initiatives for individuals who, for socio-economic reasons, have not yet realised their full educational potential. Each school has a TAP contact person (Ms. Anita O’Donovan for the Discipline of Radiation Therapy), who is a member of the teaching staff with the special responsibility of raising awareness about TAP within the school.

The TAP Summer School is held for one week each June and is attended by approximately 70 5th year pupils.  Summer School aims to introduce students to the physical, cultural and academic environment in Trinity College through a range of interactive and multi-disciplinary activities which take place over five days. The week culminates in an awards ceremony, where students present their project work from the week and receive a certificate of achievement from the College.