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2 publications from 2020

KÌhn, S. and Lisofsky, N. and Banaschewski, T. and Barker, G. and Bokde, A.L.W. and Bromberg, U. and BÌchel, C. and BrÌhl, R. and Quinlan, E.B. and DesriviÚres, S. and Flor, H. and Grigis, A. and Garavan, H. and Gowland, P. and Heinz, A. and Ittermann, B. and Martinot, J.-L. and Martinot, M.-L.P. and Nees, F. and Orfanos, D.P. and Paus, T. and Poustka, L. and Fröhner, J.H. and Smolka, M.N. and Walter, H. and Whelan, R. and Schumann, G. and Gallinat, J., Hierarchical associations of alcohol use disorder symptoms in late adolescence with markers during early adolescence, Addictive Behaviors, 100, (106130), 2020
Journal Article; Published; Peer Reviewed; Author Profile: BOKDEA; DOI; URL

O'Neill D, Kelly BD, O'Keeffe ST, Moss H, Mainstreaming medical humanities in continuous professional development and postgraduate training, Clinical Medicine, 2020
Journal Article; In_press; Peer Reviewed; Author Profiles: KELLYB19 DONEILL