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Aiden Corvin

Principal Investigator, Clinician Scientist
I am Head of the Psychiatry Department at TCD and a Clinician at St James's Hospital, Dublin. I have investigated psychosis genetics for 20 years and am a Thompson Reuters Highly Cited Scientist.

Michael Gill

Principal Investigator, Clinician Scientist
I'm Chair of Psychiatry at TCD and a Clinican at TCD. I founded the Neuropsychiatric Genetics Research Group at TCD in 1995 and have a broad interest in the genetics of psychiatric disorders.

Shigeki Nakagome

Principal Investigator
I am Ussher Assistant Professor in Genomic Medicine at TCD. My research interest is in applying population and functional genomics approaches to understanding the evolutionary and molecular basis of gene-by-environment interactions in complex diseases.

Daniela Tropea

Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor in Molecular Psychiatry
I study the molecular mechanisms of brain plasticity in neuropsychiatric disorders. My studies on activity-dependent transcription analysis reveal that unexpected molecular mechanisms are involved in brain disorders, and they may have application in diagnosis and therapy.

Simon McCarthy-Jones

Principal Investigator
I am an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology. My interdisciplinary research focuses on the causes of auditory verbal hallucinations ('hearing voices') and what can be done to support people distressed by this experience. I also research the neural, physical, and mental health impacts of child abuse. 

Eleisa Heron

Principal Investigator
I am Ussher Assistant Professor in Biostatistical Genomics. My research interests lie in the application of existing methodology and the development of novel approaches to further our understanding of the underlying genomic mechanisms for complex disorders. I also apply my biostatistical expertise in broader medical research contexts.

Amy Cole (Post-doctoral scientist)
Claire Foley (PhD student)
Cathal Ormond (PhD student)