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NICAP - Neuroimaging of the Children’s Attention Project - Ireland

This is a collaborative study with the ‘Neuroimaging of the Children’s Attention Project’ (NICAP),,  a large and comprehensive Australian longitudinal multimodal neuroimaging study led by Prof Tim Silk in Melbourne.

In Trinity College Dublin, the project is led by principal investigator Prof. Jane McGrath (Principal Investigator, Associate Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist), Prof. Rob Whelan (Associate Professor, School of Psychology), and Dr Erik O’Hanlon (Neuroimaging expert support, Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience). Michael Connaughton (PhD candidate) and Bernard Adegbemi are currently analysing neuroimaging data collected on 150 children and adolescents with ADHD across three time-points.

The study aims to determine how brain structure and function change with age in ADHD, and whether different trajectories of brain development are associated with variations in outcomes including diagnostic persistence, and academic, cognitive, social and mental health outcomes. This project involves multimodal functional and structural neuroimaging analysis in children and adolescents with ADHD.