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Extra-mural Courses

ADOS Training for the Clinical Setting

An extra-mural course that is provided for health care professionals to offer training in the use of the Autism Diagnostic Observational Schedule - Generic (ADOS-G). This is a two day course offered three times per year.

Course Director: Professor Louise Gallagher
Telephone +353 1 896 2144

Risk Assessment and Management

Mental Health and criminal insanity legislation
Course Director:- Professor Harry Kennedy
Telephone: +353 1 215 7400

Foundation Course in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy
(in partnership with HSE and St Patrick’s University Hospital)


  • Teaching occurring between October 2021 and May 2022. Each module is delivered over 5 days each of which are broken down into 3 day and 2 day blocks.
  • Offers a comprehensive introduction to CBT principles for clinicians who want to understand and use CBT principles in their day to day clinical roles.
  • Offers a comprehensive grounding in CBT principles for clinicians with an interest in pursuing a CBT clinical qualification and accreditation in the future.
  • Extra mural course open to all health care professionals.
  • Good preparation for the PG Dip course.
  • The course requires completion of 3 out of 4 available modules:

- Module 1: CBT Theory, The Collaborative Therapeutic Relationship & Psychoeducation

- Module 2:  Behavioural Tasks, Agenda Setting, and Using Homework

- Module 3: Achieving Behavioural Change, Working with Thoughts & CBT Case Conceptualisation

- New Module 4: CBT informed practice for Psychosis

  • Modules 1 and 2 are typically taken by students before progressing to either module 3 or 4.
  • The cost of the foundation course is €3,500. This course may be taken in three separate modules and then the cost will be €1,200 per module.
  • Foundation course students will have the option of completing all four modules        
  • Foundation Course Student Handbook 2018-19 (PDF 481 kB)
  • Timetable 2018-19 (PDF 678 kB)
  • Applicants should send their CV and a short cover letter to by the 31st of August.
  • Course offers will be made within three weeks after the closing date.

Course Director: Dr Brian Fitzmaurice
Course Co-Ordinator: Colette Kearns
Course Administrator: Majella Moloney
Phone number +353 1 249 3561