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Preplacement Information for students

Garda vetting (also known as Garda Clearance) is conducted in respect of personnel working in a full-time, part-time, and voluntary or student placement capacity in a position in a registered organisation, through which they have unsupervised access to children and/or vulnerable adults.  

All physiotherapy students must submit a Garda Clearance Form to the Academic Registry Office before they are allowed to register for the BSc Physiotherapy course in first year. This form is available on the orientation website.

All students should be aware that it is their responsibility to submit a completed form to the Academic Registry Office before they commence the BSc Physiotherapy undergraduate programme.

The TCD Academic Registry Office will process the vetting requests for all relevant entrants with the National Vetting Bureau.

From 2016, the vetting result will be provided directly to the student from the Academic Registry Office. The Discipline of Physiotherapy will be provided with a list of students who have successfully completed Garda Clearance.

The student will take responsibility for the handling and forwarding of this original document to relevant agencies (namely, clinical placement sites) from this point. If clinical sites request confirmation of Garda Clearance it will be the student’s responsibility to furnish this to the site.

Failure to comply with the Garda vetting procedures (including unnecessary delays in return of forms to the Academic Registry Office) will result in placement cancellation. Students who do not complete 1000 hours of clinical practice will not proceed to graduation.

Site specific pre-placment information is available on Blackboard to allow physiotherapy students prepare for each clinical placement.