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Clinical Exercise

Clinical Exercise

Course Title Clinical Exercise (P.G. Cert.)
Qualification - PG Certificate
Duration One year
Closing Date 31st July 2023
Next Intake September 2023

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A Certificate in Clinical Exercise is to enable clinicians to prescribe exercise as a disease preventative and treatment modality in a safe, effective, and scientific manner

Course Details

The overall objective of this postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Exercise is to enable clinicians to prescribe exercise as a disease preventative and treatment modality in a safe, effective, and scientific manner. Material covered on this course includes how to accurately assess activity and fitness and apply this knowledge for the safe and effective prescription of exercise. Research presented throughout this course will enable an understanding of the role of exercise in the prevention and treatment of disease, while case scenarios and group discussions will help apply this knowledge to patients with various pathologies.

This postgraduate certificate in Clinical Exercise will be delivered online and will address how physical activity and exercise can become an intergral part of patient prescription. In recent years evidence has emerged on the role of exercise as a treatment tool for those with depression, anxiety, cognitive impairment, rheumatic diseases and other conditions where exercise was not traditionally considered beneficial. This course in Clinical Exercise has been specifically designed to provide health professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to become confident at individually prescribing exercise to people with various pathologies.

Modules and Assessment

This level 9 Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Exercise is delivered fully online and consists of four Modules which run from September to June.

  • Module 1: The Cardiovascular and Respiratory System (10 ECTS)
  • Module 2: Physical Activity and Exercise (5 ECTS)
  • Module 3: Exercise in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease (10 ECTS)
  • Module 4: Exercise Prescription for Clinical Populations (5 ECTS)

Students will obtain credit for satisfactory engagement with lectures, by carrying out the required course work, and by successful timely completion of online examinations and designated assignments.

Admission Requirements

This course is open to those with an honors primary degree in Physiotherapy, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition/Dietetics and Physiology. Applicants with other qualifications will be assessed on an individual basis by the course selection panel.

Applicants must also have a fluent command of the English language. Students whose first language is not English will need a recognised English language qualification in line with the requirements as laid down in section 1.5 of the Postgraduate Calendar part 3 document.

The Online Learning Experience

The online learning experience will be inherently different to that of face-to-face teaching. Advantages are that students can participate from anywhere in the world as long as they have the required qualifications and sufficient Internet access and technology to participate in the course. The online nature of this course affords flexibility to students whereby they can choose when and where to engage with the course material. With this flexibility however come challenges. The drop out rate of online courses is known to be higher than regular face-to-face courses. To encourage continued effective engagement with the course, and to get the most from this course, we would advise all students to set aside time each week to complete learning tasks assigned. For successful completion of this course, it is important to align your schedule with your motivation, and to contribute regularly to the online class community through discussion boards and participation in webinars. Communicating regularly with your classmates and academic staff can help you to benchmark your progress, and overcome any difficulties you encounter.

As the proposed course is at a postgraduate level, it is expected that much of the learning will be self directed, however guidance and support will be offered by the course coordinator in the form of open office hours, feedback on assignments and moderation of online discussions.


Having completed a BSc. (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Sciences, I was fortunate enough to be accepted to participate in the first Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Exercise course. This, for me, was an ideal choice that aptly linked my personal interests and current job responsibilities. Furthermore, the flexibility offered by online distance learning meant that I was able to study and take part in lectures from as far away as the Middle East while holding full-time employment.

Overall, the course was an enjoyable experience. Lectures were informative, thorough and delivered by friendly and knowledgeable individuals, while discussion forums often covered current and relevant topics. A particular highlight for me was the diverse range of backgrounds and experiences that each classmate brought with them. This facilitated a positive learning environment and allowed me to learn from a range of different views shared on a regular basis.

The in-depth knowledge I have gained while completing this course has provided me with confidence to safely assess and prescribe exercise to individuals who suffer from conditions that I had limited previous experience with.

Bursary Application Guidelines

We are delighted to offer a bursary for the Clinical Exercise course. Please view the bursary application guidelines (MS Word 68kB)

How to Apply

Expressions of interest can be emailed to Cuisle Forde

Applications are completed through our online system (see 'Apply Now' above). Please note that you will be required to complete an application form and to upload two reference letters, official transcripts, including undergraduate degree transcript, and your Curriculum Vitae.


Up-to-date information about course fees can be found at the Academic Registry.

Contact Details

For enquiries, please contact Dr Cuisle Forde at