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General Paediatrics and Complex Needs



Coghlan David  Dr   Community and General Paediatrician
Manning  Rosemarie Dr General Paediatric Consultant
McGrane Fiona   Research Nurse in Down Syndrome
O'Mullane Elaine   Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics

Dr. David Coghlan
Clinical Associate Professor, Paediatrics
Clinical Associate Professor, School Office - Medicine

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

J Dinsmore, E Williams, H McCarthy, D Coghlan Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics 24 (3), 280-281, A pilot study to explore factors affecting faltering growth in children , Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics 24 (3), 280-281, 2011 Journal Article, 2011

Research Expertise


General Paediatrics is an acute specialty caring for the undifferentiated child. It is an emerging academic specialty with a focus on clinical research and quality improvement. Since my time as a fellow at RCH Melbourne I concentrated on early child development and how clinicians and parents must collaborate to define a child's abilities in the home, school and play settings. This work included those with developmental delay and those with more severe disabilities such as cerebral palsy. More recent work has focused on interventions including Vitamin D supplementation to improve symptoms in children with Autism and Asthma. While adequate nutrition is essential many child still require daily medication and my work has also looked at improving methods of medication administration in those with acute infection, allergy and complex needs. A novel method of delivering anti-epileptic method through a feeding tube was described with great benefits for children with complex needs. Randomised Controlled trials: 1. RCT of Vitamin D supplementation in autism spectrum disorder. Randomised 42 children to receive 2000 IU Vitamin D3 daily or placebo over 20 weeks. Vitamin D had no effect on primary outcome of reducing stereotypic autistic behaviours. Trend towards reduced inappropriate speech in the Vitamin D3 treatment group. 2. RCT of Vitamin D supplementation in uncontrolled asthma. Randomised 44 children with uncontrolled asthma to receive 2000 IU Vitamin D3 or placebo over 15 weeks. Vitamin D had no effect on primary outcome of improved subjective asthma control or Fev1 on spirometry. There was a non-significant improvement in Fev1 within the placebo group. Finally we've explored variation in medication response by examining genetic variants in asthma. An association was found between Taql (exon 9) and Apal (intron 8) polymorphisms and asthma risk. IL10 levels were lower in asthmatic children with Taql polymorphisms. I've also developed national guidelines published as the WIGUAM Study (Working to Implement National Guidelines for Urine Tract Infection Assessment and Management ).


  • Title
    • An RCT of Vitamin D3 in Uncontrolled Asthma
  • Summary
    • A double-blind, randomized, PL-controlled trial of vitamin D supplementation (2000 IU/day) in 44 urban, caucasian children at high latitude. Conclusion: Vitamin D3 supplementation led to a significant increase in serum 25(OH)D and decreased school days missed (p = 0.04), but no other advantageous changes in asthma parameters compared with PL.The potential negative effect of high serum 25(OH)D on pulmonary function warrant further investigation.
  • Funding Agency
    • National Children's Hospital Foundation
  • Date From
    • January 2014
  • Date To
    • January 2015
  • Title
    • Protocol for Investigation of Penicillin Allergy.
  • Summary
    • Feasibility Study to Implement National Protocol for Investigation of Penicillin Allergy in children
  • Funding Agency
    • The National Children's Hospital Foundation
  • Date From
    • April 2012
  • Date To
    • April 2013
  • Title
    • An RCT of Vitamin D3 in Paediatric Autism
  • Summary
    • A double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial set in a paediatric outpatient centre at high latitude over the winter season in Dublin, Ireland (53°N). Conclusion: Vitamin D supplementation had no effect on the primary outcome with limited and inconsistent effects in children with ASD. Considering the other promising data as well as the relative safety and cheapness of vitamin D supplementation, further trials are warranted.
  • Funding Agency
    • The National Children's Hospital Foundation
  • Date From
    • Jan 2015
  • Date To
    • Jan 2016
  • Title
    • PROSPER: PaediatRic Outcomes and Serum biomarker Panel in acutE traumatic bRain injury /concussion to severe traumatic 2015-9.
  • Summary
    • To describe the demographics and aetiology of traumatic brain injury presenting to Irish Paediatric Emergency Departments. Concussion and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) are interchangeable terms.Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) occurs in 1/7 children sustaining a mTBI.Secondly to describe physician competence in this condition and to develop a best practice guideline. To elucidate biomarkers from the innate immune system that are activated in acute brain injury. Findings include preschool children have the highest incidence of head injury, mostly following a fall. There was a paucity of knowledge among all grades of medical professionals in how to manage these children. Many patients had a raised white cell count with neutrophilia. Surprisingly CD 11b neutrophil expression was not raised in mTBI on flow cytometry, but was markedly raised in the 4 most severe TBI patients.
  • Funding Agency
    • National Children's Hospital Foundation
  • Date From
    • 2016
  • Date To
    • 2019
  • Title
    • PRISM: PReterm Infection and SysteMic inflammation and neonatal outcomes.
  • Summary
    • This research aims to improve the understanding of the systemic inflammatory response in preterm infants and the potential for newer adjunctive therapies. In addition trying to identify immune markers that will assist in the prognosis and clinical outcomes of these preterm infants.
  • Funding Agency
    • The National Children's Hospital Foundation and Trinity College Dublin
  • Date From
    • 2016
  • Date To
    • 2019
  • Title
    • Bright Horizons Study
  • Summary
    • Bright Horizons Study. Neurodevelopmental follow up of preterm infants including psychological profiling at age 24 months corrected. Also to investigate the developmental outcomes of children with a history of HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy).
  • Funding Agency
    • NCH Foundation
  • Date From
    • 2015
  • Date To
    • 2017
  • Title
    • FIG Study
  • Summary
    • Faltering growth In General paediatrics Clinic (FIG) was a 1 year study exploring the determinants of poor growth in toddlers. The effect of maternal and social factors on faltering growth (FG) are unclear from published research. A control comparison of 24 children recruited through clinics in AMNCH was undertaken (12 FG, 12 controls). Participating parents completed a health, social,and demographic questionnaire and a 7 day food diary was completed using household measures. Diaries were analysed using NETWISP for protein , fat, carbohydrate, and vitamin content. All data were entered in SPSS. There were no significant difference between FG and control groups in maternal health or social factors. There were no differences in the feeding histories between the two groups. However the mean intake of all nutrients except protein, monounsaturated fat, starch, sodium and B12 were all higher in the control group. These findings support hypothesis that poor nutritional intake is main cause of faltering growth in this group. There was a trend towards lower breast feeding rates in the FG group.
  • Funding Agency
    • NCH Foundation
  • Date From
    • 2009
  • Date To
    • 2010





HSE-Acute Floor Implementation Process Group( Paediatric Representative) 2018

National Electronic Health Record (EHR) Programme. Paediatric EHR Working Group 2018

Chair, National Guideline Committee -Management of Urinary Tract Infection in children 2015

Paediatric Clinical Advisor, Coeliac Society of Ireland 2018

Paediatric expert reviewer for Irish Medical Council 2016

Expert external case reviewer supporting Director Of Quality, CHI (Children's Hospital Ireland) 2018

Reviewer for Irish Medical Journal 2015

Awards and Honours

Irish Paediatric Association (IPA)- Best Oral Presentation WIGUAM Study 2017

IPA-Best Poster "FPIES in infancy" 2015

Paediatrician of the Year-Laya Healthcare Awards 2015


FRCPI-Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Ireland 2002 – 2019

FRCPCH (UK)-Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Child Health 2003 – 2019

GAPRUKI Collaboration-General and Adolescent Paediatrics UK and Ireland Member(Research Collaboration Body) -Founding member 2016 – 2019

Faculty of Paediatrics, RCPI 2006 – 2019

ERS-European Respiratory Society Member 2003 – 2019

EAACI, European Academy of Allergy and Immunology, Member 2007 – 2019

MPS-Medical Protection Society Member 1993 – 2019

Irish Paediatric Surveillance Unit (IPSU) 2003 – 2019

British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU) 2003 – 2019


Ms. Elaine O'Mullane
Occasional Teaching, Paediatrics


Elaine is a member of the Discipline of Paediatrics with many different roles. These include working with Professor Edna Roche as a clinical trial coordinator and research assistant on several paediatric research projects. She is a clinical lecturer for the undergraduate medical students and a facilitator on the 4th Year medical student Professionalism and Scientific Module for undergraduate medical students.

Her other area of interest is in the subject of listening. This includes regular acts of listening, research, education and presentations on the topic of listening. Currently Elaine is a member of the International Listening Association (ILA) and was instrumental in securing Trinity College Dublin as the location for the 39th Annual International Listening Association Convention in June 2018.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Elaine O'Mullane, Care don't Carry: The Art of Responsible Listening, 2018, - Miscellaneous, 2018

Elaine O'Mullane, Listening in Healthcare Settings, 20th June 2018, 2018, Trinity College Dublin Meetings /Conferences Organised, 2018

Elaine O'Mullane, Susan O'Connell, Edna F Roche, Hilary Hoey, How late is too late to treat with Growth Hormone? A case study, BSPED, Brighton, UK, 14-15th Nov, 2013, edited by Elaine O'Mullane , 2013 Poster, 2013

Elaine O'Mullane, Conal Hamill, Edna F Roche, Exploring the Culture of Listening Amongst Children's Nurses in an Outpatient Department A mini-ethnographic study, British Society of Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes, Brighton, UK, 14-15 Nov 2013, edited by Elaine O'Mullane , 2013 Poster, 2013

Jensen RB, Thankamony A, O'Connell SM, Salgin B, Kirk J, Donaldson M, Ivarsson SA, Soder O, Roche EF, Hoey H, Dunger DB, Duul A; NESGAS Group, Baseline IGF-I levels determine insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity during the first year on growth hormone therapy in children born small for gestatinal age. Results from a North European Multicentre Study (NESGAS)., Hormone Research Paediatrics, 80, (1), 2013, p38 - 46 Journal Article, 2013

Gallagher, P., Snow, A., Roche, E., O'Mullane, E., Hoey, H., NESGAS Grp N European Small Gestat, BONE MINERAL DENSITY ADJUSTMENT IN CHILDREN WITH SHORT STATURE, Pediatric Research, 68, 2010, p544 Journal Article, 2010

O'Connell, Susan M., O'Mullane, Elaine, Roche, Edna F., Hoey, Hilary M. C. V., CHANGES IN BODY COMPOSITION AS ASSESSED BY DXA FOLLOWING A YEAR OF GROWTH HORMONE TREATMENT IN CHILDREN BORN SGA, Irish Journal of Medical Science, 179, 2010, pS230 Journal Article, 2010

O'Connell AC, O'Connell SM, O'Mullane E, Hoey HM, Oral health of children born small for gestational age., Irish medical journal, 103, (9), 2010, p275-8 Journal Article, 2010

A Snow, S Hamilton, M Ryan, E Colhoun, E O'Mullane, H Hoey, Paediatric DXA interpertation - applying internationl guidelines, Hormone Research, 72, (s3), 2009, p356- Journal Article, 2009

S O'Connell, A O'Connell, E O'Mullane, H Hoey, Medical, Nutritional, and Dental Considerations in Children with Low Birth Weight, Pediatric Dentistry, 31, (7), 2009, p389 - 397 Journal Article, 2009

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Elaine O'Mullane, Emotional Intelligence, Medical Intern Teaching, Robert Graves Centre, TUH, D24, 07 January, 2020, Sandra Daly Invited Talk, 2020

Elaine O'Mullane, Emotional Intelligence, Theatre Staff In House Training, Tallaght University Hospital, 28 Feb, 2019, Fiona Darbey Invited Talk, 2019

Elaine O'Mullane, Emotional Spill Kit, Theatre Staff In House Training, Theatre Conference Room, Tallaght University Hospital, 10th May, 2019, Fiona Darbey Invited Talk, 2019

Elaine O'Mullane, Corine Jansen, Helen Meldrum, The Role of Listening in Delivering and Receiving Bad News, Theatre In Service Training, Tallaght University Hospital, 24 Jan, 2019 Invited Talk, 2019

Elaine O'Mullane, Data Collection Tools, Centre for Learning and Development Academic Writing Week, Tallaght Hospital, D24, 16 January, 2018, Christina Lydon Invited Talk, 2018

Elaine O'Mullane, Demystifying Research, Ethics & Language of Research, Centre for Learning and Development Academic Writing Week, Tallaght Hospital, D24 , 15 Jan, 2018, Christina Lydon Invited Talk, 2018

Elaine O'Mullane, Corine Jansen, Helen Meldrum, The Role of Listening in Delivering and Receiving Bad News, 4th Medical Year Professionalism and Scientific Module , Trinity Campus, Tallaght Hospital, 14-12, 2017, Assistant Professor, Dr Judith Meehan Invited Talk, 2017

Elaine O'Mullane, Listening Engagement for Children's Nurses: Peeling away the Barriers, 19th Annual Novo Nordisk Endocrine Nurse Workshop, Heathrow, London, 12-13 June , 2014, Novo Nordisk Invited Talk, 2014




Fiona Mc Grane - Clinical Nurse Specialist ( Down Syndrome)

Ms Fiona Mc Grane is based within the Discipline of Paediatrics in the Trinity Centre, Tallaght University Hospital. The post is supported by Down Syndrome Ireland. Fiona holds a Diploma in Social Care awarded by Stockport University and graduated from Trinity College in 2004 in Intellectual Disability Nursing and again in 2008 after completing a Higher Diploma in Children’s Nursing. She is currently undertaking her M.Sc. in Queens Belfast in Caring for Children and Young People with Complex Health needs. She is a steering group member of the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group in the UK and Ireland. Ms Mc Grane’s academic functions at Trinity include both education and research. She lectures Nursing and Midwifery students in the School of Nursing and also Medical Students in the School of Medicine. Her subjects of interest are Health and Down Syndrome and also how parents receive the diagnosis of their child being born with Down Syndrome.
Fiona has worked for many years within the area of disability caring for children and adults in community, residential and hospital environments. Her current role is as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for children with Down Syndrome. She is currently the only nurse in the country that specialises within the area and she provides nationwide for children and families from birth to 18 years. A Down syndrome clinic, the first clinic in Ireland is run in Tallaght University Hospital. Fiona plays an active role in clinical decision making and ensuring that the children that attend have all their medical needs addressed. Fiona receives referrals from maternity hospitals across the country, community services and also self-referrals from parents.
She is also involved in research and she played a pivotal role in setting up The National Register for Children with Down syndrome to which the data is held and managed within the Department. Ongoing research collaborations continue including the DISCO study which is carried out in the Down syndrome clinic. Fiona also holds a database for patients that attend her service in Tallaght Hospital. She has collaborated with fellow clinicians on research projects in relation to Down syndrome and continues to do so.