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Postgraduate Research Programmes

The Discipline of Paediatrics offers the following degree programmes by research.

MD and PhD

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Current PhD Students 

  • PhD: Dr. Saima Aslam. Persistent systemic inflammation in Neonatal Encephalopathy. 2013-7. PI EM. RCSI
  • PhD: Dr. Murwan Omer: PRISM: PReterm Infection and SysteMic inflammation and neonatal outcomes. TCD 2014-7: PI EM
  • PhD: Dr. Emer Ryan: PROSPER: PaediatRic Outcomes and Serum biomarker Panel in acutE traumatic bRain injury /concussion to severe traumatic. TCD 2017-20
  • PhD: Dr. Mary O’Dea: Underlying mechanisms in Neonatal Immune metabolic dysregulation, Circadian rhythm and bRain INjury: UNICoRN study. PI EM. TCD 2016-9
  • PhD: Dr. Nawal Taher: T cell phenotype in neonatal brain injury and followup in childhood. Co-supervisor: Prof Derek Doherty, TCD: 2016-9
  • PhD: Dr. Matthew McGovern: GENIE project: GEnder and Neonatal Inflammation in prEterm outcomes: PI EM: TCD: 2017-20
  • PhD: Dr. Dean Huggard: DISCO project: Down syndrome, Infection and Clinical Outcomes PI: EM: TCD:  2017-20
  • PhD: Dr. Niamh Lagan: DREAM project: Down syndRome, nEurodevelopment And Multiorgan outcomes: TCD PI EM: 2017-20
  • PhD: Dr. John Allen: SERENITY Project TCD 2018-2021: SEveRe Neurological Impairment and children with medical complexity: Supervised by Denise Mc Donald and Eleanor Molloy Co Supervisor
  • PhD: Dr.Tim Hurley: CRADLE: Circadian Rhythm Alterations and outcomes in neonatal Encephalopathy. PI Eleanor Molloy; TCD 2018-2021
  • PhD: Dr. Zunera Zareen: CHAMPION study. Childhood Assessment of Multiorgan Dysfunction Post Neonatal encephalopathy. Supervised by Prof Eleanor Molloy Co-PI Dr. Denise McDonald; 2014-7. TCD

Past PhD Students

  • Dr. Lynne Kelly: 2015-present:NIMBUS project co-ordinator and  GENIE: Gender differences in preterm neonatal outcomes and mechanisms of altered immune function: collaborators: Prof Catherine Greene, RCSI
  • MD thesis: 2017: Dr. Adam James: Neonatal echocardiography. TCD supervisors: Prof Afif El-Khuffash and Dr. David Corcoran, Rotunda Hospital
  • Dr.Afif El-Khuffash, 2005-7:The Significance of Left Ventricular Function and Pro-B-type Natriuretic Peptide in predicting outcome in preterm infants with a Patent Ductus Arteriosus on Echocardiography. Published papers: 14; Thesis submitted October 2007;awarded October 2008: UCD
  • Dr. Fiona O’Hare: Systemic inflammation and perinatal brain injury. Commenced July 2009; collaboration Prof Watson, Conway Institute, UCD: Funding NCRC, Crumlin; 2009-2011; Thesis: submitted September 2011 ;Awarded Feb 2013. UCD
  • Dr. Katey Armstrong, Collaborator: Dr. O. Franklin: Neonatal Cardiac function: novel echocardiographic and biochemical markers to predict neonatal outcome; commenced July 2010; Funding NCRC, Crumlin; 2010-2012. RCSI; submitted August 2012 awarded 2013
  • Dr.Hassan Eliwan, The role of activated protein c in neonatal inflammation. Seed Funding NCRC. Collaborator Prof Watson.2010-2012. UCD; submitted August 2012; revisions received august 2013: awarded 2013
  • PhD: Dr. Deirdre Sweetman, Neonatal brain injury on MRI and early EEG: disruption of the blood brain barrier and systemic antioxidants. Funding salary NCRC & CUH for reagents. Collaborator: Prof. Ger Boylan.2011-2013. RCSI. Awarded December 2014.
  • PhD: Dr. Jean Donnelly. ROLO followup study; ROLO Kids: PI Prof McAuliffe: Co-PI E Molloy. 2012-6; Funding FP7 grant, HRB & RCSI. UCD
  • PhD student: Dr. Chike Onwuneme. Vitamin D and Immunodulation in Pediatric sepsis (DIAPERS).2011-2014. UCD. PhD submitted Sept 2014. Awarded: Viva February 2015
  • PhD: Dr. Paul Fleming: Probiotics in Preterm infants: PI Prof Kate Costello: TCD: E Molloy TCD supervisor: viva awarded 2017
  • PhD: Dr. Aoife Twohig. Infant attachment in the NICU (PIPPA). Co-PI: Prof. Fiona Mc Nicholas. Funding NCRC 2011-2016.UCD (Part-time); viva awarded 2017
  • PhD Dr.  Colm Breathnach supervisors: Prof Afif El-Khuffash and Dr. David Corcoran, Rotunda Hospital