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3 non peer reviewed publications from 2013

Stapleton T., An exploration of the occupational therapy contribution to the assessment of fitness to drive after stroke. , Rehabilitation Therapy and Research Society 9th Annual Conference, Ulster University, 2013
Invited Talk; Published; Non Peer Reviewed; Author Profiles: STAPLEY STAPLEY

Connolly D., Troy M., Mannion L., Reilly E., Ryder R., Review of the Rialto Community Health Project, Dublin, 2013, 40
Report; Completed; Non Peer Reviewed; Author Profile: CONNOLDM

Stapleton T, Occupational Therapy Clinical Based Assessment of Fitness to Drive, Masterclass Series Hot Topics: Vision, Cognition Disorders and Driving, Dublin, 22/02/2013, 2013, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
Invited Talk; Published; Non Peer Reviewed; Author Profile: STAPLEY