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Our Research

Research in the Discipline is conducted by academic staff, research fellow(s) and postgraduate research students. Staff lead and/or collaborate on studies in their respective fields. The Discipline’s research embraces a variety of themes (e.g. chronic disease management, child and adult mental health, life-limiting illness, and ageing), all of which recognise the complex interplay between the physical, cognitive, psychological and social dimensions of wellbeing. Research in the Discipline captures trajectories across the life-course and has relevance for theory, policy and practice. Some key research topics include the following:

  • Occupation-focused self-management interventions for adults with chronic diseases
  • Decision-making among patients and family caregivers in palliative care
  • Community mobility for people with stroke and age-related cognitive decline
  • Long-term rehabilitation in brain injury including disorders of consciousness
  • Stakeholder interaction in neurodegenerative disease
  • Sexual function among people living with chronic illnesses
  • Transition in main stream education for children with ASD
  • Transition to adulthood for people with disabilities
  • Psychosocial support for students with disabilities in higher education
  • Engagement and social interaction in dementia care settings
  • Health-promoting lifestyle interventions for older adults

As a global university, Trinity seeks to bring an international and interdisciplinary perspective to its research. Staff in the Discipline of Occupational Therapy collaborate with both national and international-based interdisciplinary research groups. Please see our staff webpage which captures in more detail, each staff member’s research activity. Academic staff and research fellows have been successful in obtaining competitive research funding (e.g. Health Research Board, National Disability Authority).