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Clinical Trials

MND Research in Beaumont Hospital

Ms. Liz Fogarty, Ms. Triona Bannerman, Dr. Amina Coffey, Dr. Eoin Finegan, Dr. Sinead Maguire,  Dr. Lisa Costello and  Dr. Margaret O’Brien

Clinical trials are carried out within the RCSI Clinical Research Centre, The Smurfit Building on the campus of Beaumont Hospital.

Clinical Research into Motor Neurone Disease is an integral component of Professor Orla Hardiman’s Motor Neurone Disease Clinic at Beaumont Hospital. The studies undertaken here are funded by Pharmaceutical Companies and include both interventional and observational studies.

Interventional trials involve participants who are assigned to receive one or more interventions (or no intervention) so that researchers can evaluate the effects of the interventions on biomedical or health-related outcomes.  The assignments are determined by the study protocol.  Participants may receive diagnostic, therapeutic, or other types of interventions.

Observational studies involve participants who are identified as belonging to study groups are assessed for health outcomes.  Participants are not assigned any investigational medicine but are observed as per routine clinical practice for long-term outcomes of a particular medicine or a series of functional and biological tests.

The research team here is led by Prof. Orla Hardiman.  The team includes

  • Research Nurses:  Liz Fogarty and Siobhan Lee
  • Sub-Investigators who are Neurology Registrars:  Dr Sinead Maguire, Dr Amina Coffey and Dr Eoin Finegan.
  • There may be other personnel from other departments in Beaumont or other hospitals involved in some tests from time to time.

This team supports all stages of the research life-cycle, such as:  feasibility, regulatory approval, quality systems, recruitment of participants, all study tests and procedures, and data management.

MND Trials currently underway here at the Smurfit Building are listed below.  All are closed to recruitment.
Vitality- Cytokinetics
Vigor- Cytokinetics
Methodology- Biogen