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Cover Shots

Nature Immunology

  • Nature Immunology volume 2, no 6, June 2001- The Binding of LFA-1 on a T cell's surface is a critical step for intravascular adhesion and cell migration. Volkov et al. report that, in the T cell's uropod, LFA-1 activates the PKC-Beta (1) (green) pathway to trigger the polymerization of tubulin (red) and there by initiate the migratory capacity of the cells. Blue, nuclei; yellow-orange, colocalization of PKC- Beta (1) and tubulin. Fluorescent image taken by Y.Volkov with an 100x oil immersion lens on a Nikon TE300 microscope and Photometrics cooled CCD camera.


  • In-situ observation of Nanowire Growth from Luminescent CdTe Nanocrystals in a Phosphate Buffer Solution - Watching nanowires grow! Self-organization of CdTe nanocrystals into luminescent nanowires (see picture) takes place in a standard physiological phosphate buffered solution and is completed in several hours, as demonstrated in situ by means of confocal microscopy. Luminescence and Raman spectroscopy data evidence the occurrence of recrystallization processes during the nanowire formation.


  • Inside cover of Chem Comm, no43, November 2006. New fluorescent magnetic nanocomposites, based on magnetite nanoparticles, a polyhedral silsesquioxane and a porphyrin derivative as potential agents for MRI and biological cell imaging. Image reproduced by permission of SA Corr, AO'Byrne, YK Gun'ko, S Ghosh, DF Brougham, S Mitchell, Y Volkov and A Prina-Mello.

BSCB Newsletter

  • Front cover, left: T lymphocytes activated by PMA migrating on immobilized ICAM-1-Fc. Intracellular signaling via LFA-1 integrin receptors induced thereby leads to a dramatic polarization and involves translocation of PKC-Beta (1) (green) to the microtubules and microtubule-organizing centres (red). Yellow/orange overlay shows co-localization; nuclei are shown in blue.