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MSc in Molecular Medicine - Trinity College Dublin Ireland

M.Sc. in Molecular Medicine - Introduction

There has been an enormous growth in our understanding of how basic biological processes take place at a molecular level in recent years. This has been exemplified most notably by the sequencing of the human genome. These developments are continuing at an explosive pace and with them comes an ever sharper focus on the essential molecular mechanisms underlying the normal functioning of cells, tissues and organisms themselves.

Molecular Medicine is a new field that exploits advances in molecular and cellular biology to characterise how normal cellular processes either fail, or are subverted, in disease. Increasingly, medical practitioners, professionals and researchers in the health and life sciences need to be able to understand and evaluate advances in molecular medicine in order to keep abreast with developments in their fields.

The M.Sc. in Molecular Medicine programme offers a comprehensive and thoroughly up to date overview of the area, provided by experts in their fields. It will provide participants with the knowledge to evaluate the literature and perform independent research. The programme covers everything from basic science to highly specialised topics, practical work and a research project (see Course Content).


Reflecting our continuous innovation, this year sees the introduction of the Masters in Molecular Medicine; Eurolife Joint Programme in Translational and Experimental Medicine (JPTEM), which is a research intensive option involving a 36 month placement in a laboratory of a participating Eurolife partner institution (which includes the Universities of Edinburgh, Leiden, Goettingen, Barcelona, Dublin and the Karolinska Institute; see

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The course is run by the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Trinity College Dublin.

The Course is run on the Trinity Centre for Health Science campus in St. James's Hospital, Dublin.

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