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Welcome to Irish Network of Medical Educators
18 - 20 May 2011

INMED 2011: TCD:  Flexner 100 years on - a return to core principles

The over-riding message of the Flexner report bears an uncanny resemblance to the main drive of medical education research and direction in the 21st century.  Away from the attempts to find generic attributes seen in the late 90s and last decade, new ways are being sought to make teaching, learning and assessments more complex, more lifelike, more authentic in relation to the clinical environment.  Teaching discrete skills alone is no longer satisfactory as students return to apprenticeship and learn their profession from professionals.  INMED 2011 will be an exploration of the set of principles that underpin quality medical education, and the application of new methods of understanding to old methods of medical education.

Six workshops will be arranged around these themes; workshops will last two and a half hours with 30 minutes coffee break. Twelve short communications sessions : Two sessions dedicated to each theme .  Each session will have 5 x 10 minute presentations over 1hr 15mins. Six poster walk arounds on the lunch of day one


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