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2 publications from 2023

Alharbi B, Qanash H, Binsaleh NK, Alharthi S, Elasbali AM, Gharekhan CH, Mahmoud M, Lioudakis E, O'Leary JJ, Doherty DG, Mohamed BM, Gray SG., Proof of concept nanotechnological approach to in vitro targeting of malignant melanoma for enhanced immune checkpoint inhibition, Scientific Reports, 13, 2023, p7462-
Journal Article; Published; Peer Reviewed; Author Profile: DOHERTDE

Hawerkamp HC, Dyer AH, Patil ND, McElheron M, O'Dowd N, O'Doherty L, Mhaonaigh AU, George AM, O'Halloran AM, Reddy C, Kenny RA, Little MA, Martin-Loeches I, Bergin C, Kennelly SP, Donnelly SC, Bourke NM, Long A, Sui J, Doherty DG, Conlon N, Cheallaigh CN, Fallon PG., Characterisation of the pro-inflammatory cytokine signature in severe COVID-19., Frontiers in Immunology , 14, 2023, p1170012-
Journal Article; Published; Peer Reviewed; Author Profile: DOHERTDE; URL