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Andrew Malone

Andrew Malone

Andrew graduated from University College Dublin in 2014 with an Honours BSc in Physics (Astronomy and Space Science). Following this, he began studying medical physics and, in 2015, completed his MSc in Trinity College Dublin (Physical Sciences in Medicine); as part of which he undertook a research project in the Imaging Physics Group supervised by Prof Fagan entitled "Optimisation of pseudo-Continuous Arterial Spin Labelling (pCASL) MRI in the Kidneys". The results of this project were presented at the 7th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Irish Association of Physicists in Medicine in April 2016.

In October 2015, Andrew began his PhD research as a recipient of the Fiosraigh scholarship in the Dublin Institute of Technology. The project, supervised by Dr. Jacinta Browne and Prof. Andrew Fagan, was entitled "Development and Validation of a quantitative measurement of the biomechanical marker of Arterial Disease, Wall Shear Stress, using contrast enhanced high-frame rate plane-wave Doppler ultrasound."

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