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Andrew J Fagan

Andrew J Fagan

Principal Investigator

Adjunct Associate Professor

Andrew is the Director of Imaging Physics in National Centre for Advanced Medical Imaging (CAMI), a joint hospital-university clinical research centre which provides national-access platform technologies in MRI and ultrasound imaging for researchers throughout Ireland. He has been actively involved in research since 1991, initially in the field of solid state physics (spintronics and nanomagnetics) and since 1995 in medical imaging physics. His main areas of interest lie in the development of novel nuclear magnetic resonance imaging techniques, including both hardware developments (e.g. radiofrequency coil design for Sodium-MRI, novel system design for imaging rigid biological materials) and devising new imaging pulse sequences. He is also interested in investigating the quantification accuracy of techniques such as dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI and ultrasound, and elastography, and his group has devised phantom test devices with known ground truth values against which to validate scanner measurements. In his current role in the CAMI centre, he provides scientific support to all clinical research studies run at the centre, spanning neuroscience, oncology and cardiovascular specialities.

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