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A series of articles and reports are in development for publication by various health journals, the World Bank and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, which will be posted once published.

The following publications are results of the Resilience work to date:

Resilience project to the Health Research Board Grant Holders Conference in February 2015 Indicators of health system coverage and activity in Ireland during the economic crisis 2008–2014 The Irish Health-care system and austerity: sharing the pain Measuring, Mapping and Making Sense of Irish Health System Performance in the Recession Measuring, Mapping and Making Sense of Irish Health System Performance in the Recession Presentation Health policy responses to the financial crisis: Ireland in the European context World Bank Report on Learning from Economic Downturns A framework for assessing health system resilience in an economic crisis: Ireland as a test case Portela and Thomas 2013 (PDF 707 kB) Recession Severity Int Journal of Health Care Finance and Economy A letter published in the Lancet in September 2012 A report to the project funders which is an initial assessment of the resilience of the Irish health system during the economic crisis Key Themes for the Day: Resilience, Performance and Achieving Universal Health Care The Experience of the Spanish Health System in the Financial Crisis Lessons from the Estonian Health System: Surviving Austerity Reflections on Oslo II: Lessons Learned from Europe The Observatory Rapid Response for Ireland : Key Findings and Options