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Peer reviewed

Health systems research  
How to not ‘Revert to Type’: Complexity-informed Learnings from the Pandemic Response for Health System Reform and Universal Access to Integrated Care. Parker, S, Mac Conghail, L, Siersbaek, R, Burke, S. Frontiers. 2023.

Health systems research
Implications for health system reform, workforce recovery and rebuilding in the context of the Great Recession and COVID-19: a case study of workforce trends in Ireland 2008–2021. Fleming, P., Thomas, S., Williams, D., Kennedy, J., & Burke, S. Human Resources for Health 2022.

Policy analysis
Building health system resilience through policy development in response to COVID-19 in Ireland: From shock to reform. Burke, S, Parker, S, Fleming, P, Barry, S, Thomas, S. Lancet Regional Health: 2021

A comparison of health policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, Unruh, L, Allin, S, Marchildon, Burke, S, Barry, S, Siersbaek, R, Thomas, S, Selina, R, Andriy, K, Alexander, M, Merkur, S, Webb, E, Williams, GA., Health Policy. 2021.

Sláintecare implementation status in 2020: Limited progress with entitlement expansion, Health Policy, Volume 125, Issue 3, 2021, Pages 277-283, Thomas, S, Johnston, B, Barry, S, Siersbaek, R, Burke, S. Health Policy. 

Indicators and analysis of non-covid care
Changes in the utilisation of acute hospital care in Ireland during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. 2021. Marron, L, Burke, S, Kavanagh, P. HRB Open. 2021.

Tracking aspects of healthcare activity during the first nine months of COVID-19 in Ireland: a secondary analysis of publicly available data. 2021 HRB Open. McGlacken-Byrne, D, Parker, S, Burke, S.

Rapid review and in-depth qualitative analysis
Understanding Service Reorganisation in the Irish Health & Social Care System 1998 to 2020 – lessons for reform and transformation. Barry, S, Stach, M, Thomas, M, Burke, S. 2021. HRB Open.

Moving beyond formulae: a review of international population-based resource allocation policy and implications for Ireland in an era of healthcare reform. Johnston, B, Burke, S, Kavanagh, P,  O’Sullivan, C, Thomas, S, Parker, S.  2021 HRB Open

Study Protocol
Health system foundations for Sláintecare implementation in 2020 and beyond – co-producing a Sláintecare Living Implementation Framework with Evaluation: Learning from the Irish health system’s response to COVID-19. A mixed-methods study protocol. Burke, S, Thomas, S, Stach, M, Kavanagh, P, Magahy, L, Johnston, B, Barry, S. HRB Open. 2020.