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The Global Health Press

New York – Dublin – Cape Town

The Global Health Press is a not-for-profit open access publisher.  It provides a web-based outlet for the dissemination and utilization of research products, other than journal papers or monographs published by pay-for-access publishers.

The Press focuses on:

Global Health Project Briefs – these one-page A4 summaries of project findings highlighting policy and practice recommendations.

Research Manuals – these manuals collate and summarise new research methods, and provide guidance as to how to use and interpret results arising form them.

Project Reports  - these are usually reports to funders, which are made available for dissemination purposes.

Downloadable Materials
Policy Brief: The Human Dynamics of Aid Policy [175KB]
A-PODD_In_Brief_MALAWI [981KB]


The Global Health Press is motivated by a desire to increase knowledge-flow about, access to and debate on high quality research and its utilisation, through out the world. Often international publishers produce volumes that are too expensive to be accessed by many who might benefit from reading them. 

The Global Health Press is mindful that ‘knowledge is power’ and when knowledge is preferentially distributed it may reinforce the very social injustice and marginalisation that it is intended to address. This is especially problematic where publications concern issues such as poverty, equity or accessibility.  It is also problematic where published research or debate is funded through public or philanthropic sources.

For The Global Health Press, product copy right is retained by the producers of the research and/or materials, but treated as a global common good.

Where appropriate, The Global Health Press may contract professional copy editing and printing services on a project by project basis.  These costs are met by researchers through dissemination funding in their grants, or from other sources they may have.  Income from the sale of any paper or e-products to libraries, shops and directly to the public is invested in the production of future publications, or, by arrangement, recouping of initial publication costs.

The Global Health Press is a collaborative initiative facilitated by the staff of the Centre for Global Health, Trinity College, Dublin.