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PG Handbook

Below you will find the recent 2021 version of the PG Handbook. We suggest you download this handbook and use it as a resource as it explains guidelines and timelines related to your Research Degree and directs you to several important information sources within the College. See link below to the PG Handbook. The School Postgraduate Office is also available to help you with any additional queries you may have.

PG Handbook 2021 (PDF 26.89MB)

Key Forms and Guides

Forms and

A summary of the forms and guidelines that will help both you as the student and your supervisor is provided in the list below.


Please email us at the Postgraduate Teaching and Learning Office. or if you need further information.


Student Forms and Guides

Annual Progress Report

The Annual Progress Report needs to be completed on an annual basis (except in the year of your continuation report or your thesis submission). Please email us the completed form so that you may be registered for the following year on time.

Continuation Procedure Form

This Continuation Procedure Form needs to be completed as a part of Continuation Procedure, that is conducted for all PhD students (Full-Time: at 18 months; Part-Time: 30 months), and for MD and MSc students wishing to transfer to the PhD register. Information on you, your supervisor and assessors as well as your thesis title and abstract is requested. You will also need to complete Continuation Declaration on Plagiarism section.

Intention to Submit Form

Are you about to submit your final thesis? Don’t forget to submit your Intention to Submit form. This form must be completed and returned at least one month prior to submission. Once you send this form you will be emailed about details of how to submit your thesis electronically.

Student Request Extension Form

If you have a Request for Extension (i.e. extension of timelines) please complete the Request for Extension Form, which will help us manage your request. Please email a copy of this form to the School PG Office at Please submit the request as early as possible.

Remote Research Request Form
If you are about to commence your postgraduate research degree, but are seeking to conduct research and learning from a distance on a temporary basis, please complete the Remote Research Request form.


Supervisor Forms and Guides

Confirmation of Support for Student Extension Request Form

The Supervisor Form Confirmation of Support for Student Extension Request should be submitted by PhD / Research MSc Supervisors in support of the extensions requests made by their students to the Graduate Studies Office at

Assessors Continuation Form

As the supervisor, please ensure the Assessors submit an Assessors Continuation Form. This should be done once your student completes the Continuation Procedure. Once approved, we will then send you the Supervisor Continuation Form.

Examiner Nomination Form

Is your student about to submit their thesis? As the supervisor, you are required to submit an  Examiner Nomination Form  providing details of the Internal & External Examiners & Chair of the Viva, as well as the C.V. of the External Examiner. Once your student has submitted their thesis please email us this completed form.

Chair of Viva Form & Information Pack

The Chair of a viva must be of at least Associate Professor grade. If you are chairing a viva please download the attached Viva Chair Information Pack. There is also a short Chair’s report in the Viva Chair Information Pack that you will be required to complete.

Pre-Viva Examination Report

Examiners are asked, individually, to complete the Pre-Viva Examination Report in advance of the viva voce examination. The external and internal examiner are asked to exchange copies of their reports copying, and the Chair of the Viva Voce on correspondence no less than one week before the viva voce examination. Please also email us at

Post-Viva Examination Report

Examiners are asked, jointly, to complete the Post-Viva Examination Report after the viva voce examination. The internal examiner is requested to email a copy of the joint post-viva report to on the day of the examination.  If this is not possible then within one week of the viva, the Chair should forward the joint report to Please also email us at

Remote Viva Request

It is possible that a remote viva may be conducted in exceptional circumstances. If you are planning to conduct a remote viva please fill out the Request to Conduct Viva Remotely Form. You will need to fill this form out in full with required signatures and it will then be sent to the Director of Postgraduate Teaching and Learning for approval.