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What do I do if I have Symptoms recording for 14 days prior to departure for Ireland?

All international students have been informed by the Vice President of Global relations on the procedures to be followed before during and after travel to Ireland to study. A copy of the correspondence is attached as Appendix 1 and the following is a summary. The Health Service Executive (HSE) has created a Covid- 19 Tracker App which we recommend that students download from the App Store This will allow the student to log any symptoms of Covid-19 each day prior to arrival in Ireland, for the 14 days of restricted movement after arrival and for your time in Ireland. The app automatically saves symptom history and it is useful as an individual to have that data if you experience a change in health status. Students should keep a note of any symptoms during this time period as an essential requirement. In line with national public health guidelines, it is important to ensure that all who are travelling are free of Covid-19 symptoms for the 14 days prior to travelling. In order to do this, College are asking all students planning to travel to Ireland to complete the following form: Trinity Symptom Tracking form. This form needs to be completed so that the College can be alerted to any change. If you are due to travel within the next 14 days, you must certify that you have been symptom free for the period for which you have been able to record your symptoms on a daily basis. For example, if you are due to travel in 8 days, then you must certify that you have had no symptoms for the previous 6 days and record symptoms daily until departure. SOM plans on return to work will be changed and updated as required in line with University and government guidelines and policy. It is important to note that the SOM management team and COVID-19 coordinator have discussed and agreed general safety and cleaning with the Premises Managers for the relevant premises, this work is at different stages within the different buildings as the building plans are being prepared and finalised.

What is the  Covid-19 Daily Health Questionnaire and how do I access it?

The Covid-19 Daily Health Questionnaire (is accessed via Blackboard under the relevant Year overview 2020/21 and is required by the HSE. This is a daily self-declaration which must be completed each week-day by students regardless of whether they are on placement/teaching/study/home. This exercise must be completed each day prior to presenting for clinical placement and no later than 10 am each day for other activities. The completed forms will be reviewed by a member of staff at 10am every weekday. Failure to submit this self-declaration will result in the student being removed from clinical placement with immediate effect. Students should follow the instructions on the form and the algorithm outlined in the Daily COVID-19 Questionnaire Algorithm for TCD medical students on placement.

Do I need the HSE tracker app?

Students are being asked to download the HSE Covid-tracker app and fill in the symptom Check-in on a daily basis. This app will support contact tracing by identifying other users within 2m. The app is available at or via the app store. This app uses Bluetooth to determine those in close contact with a known case of Covid-19 and is used by Public Health to assist in contact tracing. If the student is contacted by public health in relation to contact tracing, they should follow the advice but also notify the dedicated email address for further instruction.

Do I have to wear scrubs on placement and how will I get them

All students on clinical placements must wear scrubs. The School has organized for students to order three sets of scrubs from the supplier on a dedicated website These scrubs are embroidered with the School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin logo and are dark blue. Students must order three sets of scrubs - One to wear, one ready to wear for the next day, and one in the wash. Scrubs should be washed at 40 degrees or higher with detergent. Students may need to change into hospital-provided scrubs for certain areas (e.g. theatre, ICU). Students must not wear scrubs while travelling to or from hospital.

How is contact tracing managed?

Students are required to keep a diary at the end of each day recording which wards/clinics they have been on and their contacts (other students, staff, social contacts) with whom they spend more than 15 minutes at less than 2 metres distance without appropriate PPE during the day and locations that they visited. The diary should not contain patient names. This should be completed on a 24-hourly basis and include all locations visited. This diary should be retained by the student. Entries should be kept for the 14 days prior to the present day. Older entries can be deleted. This diary should be as detailed as possible and must be easily accessible and the information contained in it provided to public health staff on request in relation to contact tracing. Students should document contact with patients (for greater than 15 minutes at less than 2 metres distance) in the patient notes or, in St James’s Hospital, by logging on to the patients’ electronic patient record (EPR).

What if I Self-declare that I have of Covid-19 symptoms or am I close contact with a person with Covid-19 symptoms, or a diagnosis of Covid-19?

If a student experiences symptoms of possible COVID-19 at any time they must follow the advice in the Daily COVID-19 Questionnaire Algorithm for TCD medical students on placement (Appendix 8)
•Stay at accommodation or return to accommodation by walking or bicycle if well enough, or by designated Taxi, see Appendix 10.
•Contact Student Health (01 896 1591) or your personal GP and ask for advice regarding the need for a test.
Any students who are a household contact of someone with suspected COVID-19 should self-isolate until the person with suspected COVID-19 has been tested and a result is available. If that test is negative, the students can return to placement. Students should notify their Discipline EO that they are self-isolating. If the test is positive you MUST inform your Discipline EO AND You should “restrict your movements” for 14 days. If you develop symptoms you should then “self-isolate” and contact    your     GP/College      Health services ( /out-of-hours-GP to see if you require a test for COVID-19, and follow the steps as outlined in the Daily COVID-19 Questionnaire Algorithm for TCD medical students on placement
Any students who are close contacts of someone with a positive test for SARS-CoV-2 MUST inform their Discipline EO AND You should “restrict your movements” for 14 days. If you develop symptoms you should then “self-isolate” and contact your GP/College Health services ( /out-of-hours-GP to see if you require a test for COVID-19, and follow the steps as outlined Daily COVID-19 Questionnaire Algorithm for TCD medical students on placement.

What if I have an underlining medical condition?

During their induction training and as part of their pre-placement declaration students will be asked to declare if they have an underlying medical condition that places them in a ‘very high risk’ or ‘high risk’ category for severe COVID-19 infection (see HSE risk categories at risk.html,.
Students self-declared in the ‘high risk’ category should follow the HSE advice outlined in Appendix 6. If students have concerns in relation to this advice, they should contact student health.
Students who self-declare that they fall into the ‘very high risk’ category must notify Student Health, their College tutor and the School of Medicine dedicated email and ask for their case to be reviewed. In the meantime students who self-declare that they belong to the ‘very high risk category’ must not start their clinical attachments but should cocoon pending their case being reviewed and a decision being made.

What are the rules regarding face coverings?

Students are required to wear a face covering as follows:

  • In all classroom and laboratory settings: Masks are to be supplied by students and worn in all classroom and laboratory settings and on entry/exit and when moving around the teaching space in all buildings. Cloth or surgical masks are acceptable unless instructed otherwise in relation to a specific activity.
  • Mask wearing in the clinical setting: In most hospital settings, masks will be supplied by the Hospital where the student is on placement to ensure it is of the required grade. There may be exceptions to this. There will be no access to any clinical setting for students without masks. Local infection prevention and control team advice will take precedence over this advice. Higher grade (N95) masks may be required in certain settings, in these cases the hospital IPC will be responsible for ensuring appropriate mask use by students, in the same way that they ensure this for staff. Please ensure masks used in the hospital are disposed of in clinical waste.

    Notification of hospitals and health partners of suspected or identified cases of Covid-19 in students?

    The School of Medicine contact person monitoring will notify the Occupational Health (OH) Department and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Team in the hospital of any cases of confirmed COVID-19 in students who have been on placement in the hospital within 48 hours of the onset of COVID-19 symptoms (or 24 hours prior to testing in the case of asymptomatic cases). The SOM contact person will also notify OH and IPC (Appendix 7) at the placement site of any students who are close contacts of confirmed COVID-19.
    Positive test results will be notified to Public Health according to the usual protocols. Public Health will carry out contact tracing and testing on social contacts. Hospitals and health partners are responsible for contact tracing and testing patients and staff who may have had contact with positive cases of COVID-19, and it is therefore of paramount importance that their Occupational Health departments (contact details in Appendix 7) be notified of these in a timely manner.