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Dr. Jerome Fennell
Clinical Senior Lecturer, Clinical Microbiology

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Byrne CJ, Parton T, McWhinney B, Fennell JP, O'Byrne P, Deasy E, Egan S, Enright H, Desmond R, Ryder SA, D'Arcy DM, McHugh J, Roberts JA, Population pharmacokinetics of total and unbound teicoplanin concentrations and dosing simulations in patients with haematological malignancy, Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 73, (4), 2018, p995 - 1003 Journal Article, 2018 URL DOI

Kavanagh N, Ryan EJ, Widaa A, Sexton G, Fennell J, O'Rourke S, Cahill KC, Kearney CJ, O'Brien FJ, Kerrigan SW., Staphylococcal Osteomyelitis: Disease Progression, Treatment Challenges, and Future Directions., Clinical microbiology reviews, 31, (2), 2018 Journal Article, 2018 DOI

Murphy CM, Di Ruscio F, Lynskey M, Collins J, McCullough E, Cosgrave R, McDonnell D, Fennell J, Identification badge lanyards as infection control risk: a cross-sectional observation study with epidemiological analysis, Journal of Hospital Infection, 96, (1), 2017, p63 - 66 Journal Article, 2017

Sadhbh O'Rourke, Corinne Binions, Niall Wall, Dympna McDonnell, Anna-Rose Prior, Susanna Frost, Jérôme Fennell, Timing of conversion to positivity of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae contacts during a tertiary hospital OXA-48 outbreak., Federation of Infection Societies (FIS) Annual Conference, Birmingham, UK, 30 November 2017, 2017 Poster, 2017 URL

Byrne CJ, Roberts JA, McWhinney B, Ryder SA, Fennell JP, O'Byrne P, Deasy E, Egan S, Desmond R, Enright H, D'Arcy DM, McHugh J, Population pharmacokinetics of teicoplanin and attainment of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic targets in adult patients with haematological malignancy, Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 23, (9), 2017, p674.e7-674.e13 Journal Article, 2017 TARA - Full Text DOI Handle

Byrne CJ, Roberts JA, McWhinney B, Fennell JP, O'Byrne P, Deasy E, Egan S, Desmond R, Enright H, Ryder SA, D'Arcy DM, McHugh J, Variability in trough total and unbound teicoplanin concentrations and achievement of therapeutic drug monitoring targets in adult patients with haematological malignancy, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 61, (6), 2017, pe02466-16 Journal Article, 2017 TARA - Full Text DOI

Gunning H, Taylor G, Smyth A, Mellotte G, Fennell J, Murphy P, Lavin P, Wall C, An Approach to Optimise Therapeutic Vancomycin Dosage in a Haemodialysis Population., Irish Medical Journal, 109, (9), 2016, p465- Journal Article, 2016

O'Kelly F, Kavanagh S, Manecksha R, Thornhill J, Fennell JP, Characteristics of gram-negative urinary tract infections caused by extended spectrum beta lactamases: pivmecillinam as a treatment option within South Dublin, Ireland., BMC Infectious Diseases, 16, (1), 2016, p620- Journal Article, 2016

Byrne CJ, Egan S, Fennell JP, O'Byrne P, Enright H, Deasy E, Ryder SA, D'Arcy DM, McHugh J, Teicoplanin use in adult patients with haematological malignancy: Exploring relationships between dose, trough concentrations, efficacy and nephrotoxicity, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 46, (4), 2015, p406 - 412 Journal Article, 2015 DOI URL URL

Brown AF, Murphy AG, Lalor SJ, Leech JM, O'Keeffe KM, Mac Aogáin M, O'Halloran DP, Lacey KA, Tavakol M, Hearnden CH, Fitzgerald-Hughes D, Humphreys H, Fennell JP, van Wamel WJ, Foster TJ, Geoghegan JA, Lavelle EC, Rogers TR, McLoughlin RM, Memory Th1 Cells Are Protective in Invasive Staphylococcus aureus Infection., PLoS pathogens, 11, (11), 2015, pe1005226 Journal Article, 2015 DOI TARA - Full Text

Appleby N, Dillon A, Arrigan M, Fennell J, Crowley B, Hayden PJ, Enright H, Symptomatic BK virus reactivation following fludarabine, cyclophosphamide and rituximab chemotherapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma., Leukemia and Lymphoma, 55, (5), 2014, p1181 - 1183 Journal Article, 2014

Cullen IM, Manecksha RP, McCullagh E, Ahmad S, O'Kelly F, Flynn R, McDermott TE, Murphy P, Grainger R, Fennell JP, Thornhill JA, An 11-year analysis of the prevalent uropathogens and the changing pattern of Escherichia coli antibiotic resistance in 38,530 community urinary tract infections, Dublin 1999-2009., Irish journal of medical science, 182, (1), 2013, p81-9 Journal Article, 2013 DOI

Fennell J, Vellinga A, Hanahoe B, Morris D, Boyle F, Higgins F, Lyons M, O'Connell K, Keady D, Cormican M, Increasing prevalence of ESBL production among Irish clinical Enterobacteriaceae from 2004 to 2008: an observational study., BMC infectious diseases, 12, 2012, p116 Journal Article, 2012

Galvin M, Fennell J, Antimicrobial stewardship rounds in a general hospital in Ireland, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PHARMACY, 34, (5), 2012, pp788 - 789 Conference Paper, 2012

Daruwalla ZJ, Rowan F, Finnegan M, Fennell J, Neligan M, Exsanguinators and tourniquets: do we need to change our practice?, The surgeon : journal of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Ireland, 10, (3), 2012, p137-42 Journal Article, 2012

Cullen IM, Manecksha RP, McCullagh E, Ahmad S, O'Kelly F, Flynn RJ, McDermott T, Murphy P, Grainger R, Fennell JP, Thornhill JA, The changing pattern of antimicrobial resistance within 42 033 Escherichia coli isolates from nosocomial, community and urology patient-specific urinary tract infections, Dublin, 1999-2009., BJU international, 109, (8), 2012, p1198-206 Journal Article, 2012 DOI

Manecksha RP, Nason GJ, Cullen IM, Fennell JP, McEvoy E, McDermott T, Flynn RJ, Grainger R, Thornhill JA, Prospective study of antibiotic prophylaxis for prostate biopsy involving >1100 men., TheScientificWorldJournal, 2012, 2012, p650858 Journal Article, 2012

Egan S, Murphy PG, Fennell JP, Kelly S, Hickey M, McLean C, Pate M, Kirke C, Whiriskey A, Wall N, McCullagh E, Murphy J, Delaney T, Using Six Sigma to improve once daily gentamicin dosing and therapeutic drug monitoring performance., BMJ quality & safety, 21, (12), 2012, p1042-51 Journal Article, 2012 DOI

Collins CJ, Fraher MH, O'Connell K, Fennell J, FitzGerald SF, O'Sullivan N, Cormican M, Fenelon LE, Murphy P, Hannan MM, Reporting of meticillin-resistant and -susceptible Staphylococcus aureus on death certificates in Irish hospitals., The Journal of hospital infection, 77, (2), 2011, p143-7 Journal Article, 2011

O'Connell K, Fennell J, Callaghan J, Rowaiye B, Cormican M, A fatal case of Pasteurella multocida epiglottitis., Irish journal of medical science, 178, (4), 2009, p541-2 Journal Article, 2009

Fennell JP, O'Donohoe M, Cormican M, Lynch M, Linezolid lock prophylaxis of central venous catheter infection., Journal of medical microbiology, 57, (Pt 4), 2008, p534-5 Journal Article, 2008

Charalampidou S, Connell P, Fennell J, Lynch M, Acheson R, Preseptal cellulitis caused by community acquired methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CAMRSA)., The British journal of ophthalmology, 91, (12), 2007, p1723-4 Journal Article, 2007

Fennell JP, Baker AH, Hypertension: Methods & Protocols, 1, Humana, 2005, 1 - 502pp Book, 2005

MJ Brosnan, CA Hamilton, JP Fennell, AJ Frater, AH Baker, AF Dominiczak, Pharmacological attenuation of superoxide improves endothelial function in spontaneously stroke prone rats, JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION, 20, 2002, ppS107 - S107 Meeting Abstract, 2002

Fennell JP, Brosnan MJ, Frater AJ, Hamilton CA, Alexander MY, Nicklin SA, Heistad DD, Baker AH, Dominiczak AF, Adenovirus-mediated overexpression of extracellular superoxide dismutase improves endothelial dysfunction in a rat model of hypertension., Gene therapy, 9, (2), 2002, p110-7 Journal Article, 2002

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MY Alexander, MJ Brosnan, J Fennell, AM Devlin, CA Hamilton, AF Dominiczak, A Gene Transfer Strategy to Manipulate Nitric Oxide in the Vasculature of a Hypertensive Rat Model , Biochemical Society Transactions, Biochemical Society Meeting, Birmingham, UK, 20 July 1999, 27, (5), Biochemical Society, 1999, pp149- Poster, 1999 URL

Research Expertise


Antimicrobial resistance, particularly epidemiology of gram negative resistance, bone and urinary tract infections, application of technology to improve patient treatment, surveillance and infection control.


  • Title
    • Clinical, laboratory and radiological characteristics as predictors of outcome in patients with Covid 19
  • Funding Agency
    • None
  • Date From
    • 2020



Representative of the Irish Society of Clinical Microbiologists on the CPE Expert group which advised the NPHET on CPE 2017

Representative of the Irish Society of Clinical Microbiologists for the National Clinical Effectiveness Committee's National Infection Control Guideline Development Group 2017

Awards and Honours

Irish Society of Clinical Microbiologists Prize, ISCM Meeting 2008

Young Investigator's Prize, IAS 2001


Member of the Irish Society of Clinical Microbiologists Member of the British Infection Association Member of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Fellow of the Royal College of Pathology, UK Fellow of the Faculty of Pathology, RCPI