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Dr Annemarie Bennett receives Dean's Award for Innovation and Teaching 2018

Dr Bennett received the award to develop verbal relection skills for undergraduate allied health students.

Reflection is a challenging endeavour. To be most effective, reflection should occur as close to a learning experience as possible. Whilst it is particularly valuable in the classroom, written reflection can be impractical on time-constrained practice placements. Therefore, proficient verbal reflection is an important professional skill that must be cultivated among students to optimise practice education.

Existing college resources on reflection predominantly focus on written reflection. There are no widely available resources to enhance students' verbal reflection skills, and Dr Bennett's study aims to address this by providing

  • Flipped classroom: Online resources facilitate flipped classroom learning.
  • Near peers: The role of students in the development of scripts for, and filming of, role plays, will ensure that the resources are as relevant and user-firendly as possible.
  • Interprofessional: The outputs will be adaptable across professions and will help students to appreciate the universal need for reflection across all health professions.