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Dr Anthony W Ryan's book on Celiac Disease : Methods and Protocols published October 2015

Dr Anthony W Ryan, Senior Research Fellow, Genomic Research Group, is the editor of Celiac Disease : Methods and Protocols which was published and released in October 2015.

Recent decades have seen considerable advances in our understanding of celiac disease. The condition, once thought to be limited to individuals of European ancestry, has been discovered at varying prevalence in North Africa, the Middle East, India, and China. The precipitating auto-antigen has been characterized. The genetic association of the HLA region was discovered early and refi ned in the years that followed. However, conclusive identifi cation of non-HLA genetic risk proved elusive until the advent of genome-wide association studies, which have extended our understanding of the genetic component far beyond what could have been envisaged a short time ago. Current estimates suggest that more than 50% of the population variability associated with celiac disease risk can be explained by known genetic loci. Despite these advances, there is still a great deal to be learned, both about the nature of genetic risk and the functional genomic consequences of the established risk factors. Building on this knowledge will require detailed molecular analysis of the associated pathways and many cell types involved in the disease, as well as embracing new technologies such as next-generation sequencing. At the same time, long established molecular and immunology methods will continue to have a place for some time to come. This book brings together novel and more traditional methods in molecular biology and immunology, in order to provide a tool-kit for all stages of celiac disease research, from the practicalities of obtaining high-quality samples, to molecular analysis and bioinformatics.

The book is a collection of reviews, laboratory protocols and bioinformatics methods for coeliac disease research.

Further details can be found at Springer