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Professor John O’Leary

Job Title: Principal Investigator
Position: Pathologist

Professor John O’Leary holds the positions of Professor/Chair of Pathology, Trinity College Dublin, Director of Pathology, The Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital, Dublin, and Consultant Histopathologist, St. James’ Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. His consultant diagnostic experience includes Gynaecological pathology, Breast pathology, Gastrointestinal pathology, Molecular diagnostic pathology and Cytopathology. Prof. John O’Leary heads a multi-investigator group of 40 scientists at TCD focused on the molecular characterisation of several cancer systems including: Ovary, cervix, prostate, thyroid and head and neck cancer and cancer stem cell biology and the diagnosis of paediatric infections. In addition, the laboratory has a significant international reputation in the area of pregnancy proteomics and transcriptomics. His laboratory is a European reference centre for Applied Biosystems and Affymetrix and holds significant grant income from national and international sources including EU6th FP, EU7th FP, HRB, Irish Cancer Society and several foundations including the Emer Casey Foundation (dedicated to ovarian and uterine research). The individual groups are focussed on using functional genomics to understand the causes and molecular basis of the development of disease, with particular reference to cancer and cancer related systems. Projects include CERVIVA (The Irish Cervical Screening Research Consortium – ICSRC) – A consortium of researchers dedicated to performing high quality research with a view to better understanding cervical cancer and how it develops and delivering the best possible information and guidance to support cervical screening services for women and DISCOVARY- A consortium of international researchers which was formed to specifically address issues in relation to ovarian and endometrial cancer diagnostics and prognostics and supports the development of translational research in Ireland. DISCOVARY has now merged with INNOVATION- the Irish National Network for Ovarian Cancer Collaboration. Prof O’Leary has a h-index of 49 and in excess of 9,600 citations. He has published in excess of 190 peer reviewed papers and in excess of 400 publications and is seated editor on three books. He recently received a Life Achievement award for Cancer Research at the RNAi 2011 International conference at Oxford University.

Dept. of Histopathology
Trinity College Dublin
College Green
Dublin 2



Scientific paper(s)

  1. CERVIVA: The Irish Cervical screening research consortium


  1. An Evaluation of the Role of Triage Markers for Management of HPV Positive Women Presenting at Colposcopy with Minor Cytological Abnormalities
  2. Predictors of anxiety and specific worries after colposcopy within cervical cancer screening: A 12- month longitudinal study
  3. Trends in, and predictors of, anxiety and specific worries following colposcopy: a 12 month longitudinal study