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Professor Nicholas Mahony

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Tel: +353 1 896 1413

The aim of Dr Mahony's doctoral research was to evaluate the relationship of bone quantity, by DEXA measurement of Bone Mineral Density, to the strength of bone. Using a large animal model of osteoporosis, he quantified bone density at five sites in the ovine skeleton and related areal bone density parameters and micro architectural properties to mechanical and tests of bone strength in conjunction with colleagues in the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering, the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and University College Dublin (UCD). 

Dr Mahony's other research interest is the field of Sports and Exercise Medicine.

Dr Mahony is the course coordinator of the highly regarded TCD MSc. Sports and Exercise Medicine programme for doctors and physiotherapists; and an exercise physiology and sports physician service provider in the Human Performance Laboratory. Dr Mahony's Sports and Exercise Medicine research has included studies of rowing and kayaking ergometer performance and biomechanics, fatigue states in athletes such as under-performance/over-training syndrome, and laboratory and field based testing of athletes with exercise induced asthma. In collaboration with the Irish Rugby Football Union, he has also conducted research into optimum carbohydrate protein composition of sports drinks for use in training recovery strategies of academy level rugby players.

Dr Mahony is currently conducting comparative studies of medical and questionnaire based pre-participatin screening of athletes, profiling and monitoring of exercise responses to training in Triathlon, the effects of non-dominant limb training in GAA players, the effects of placebo interventions on laboratory and field based exercise performance tests, as well as anthropometric studies of collegiate athletes.