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3 peer reviewed publications from 2011

British Jounral of Sports Medicine, 45, 12, (2011), 956 - 958p, Intracompartmental pressure testing: results of an international survey of current clinical practice, highlighting the need for standardized protocols., [eds. Karim Khan]
Journal; Published; Peer Reviewed; Author Profile: PTIERNEY

Henning M, Stiedl P, Barry D, McMahon R, Morham S, Walsh D, Naghavi M., PDZD8 is a novel moesin-interacting cytoskeletal regulatory protein that suppresses infection by herpes simplex virus type 1. , Virology. , 415 (2), 2011
Journal Article; Published; Peer Reviewed; Author Profile: DEBARRY; DOI; URL

Osteoporosis in, editor(s)Fiona Wilson, John Gormley and Juliette Hussey , Exercise Therapy in the Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders, Wiley Blackwell, 2011, pp242 - 255, [Nicholas J Mahony]
Book Chapter; Published; Peer Reviewed; Author Profile: NJMAHONY; DOI; URL