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Process monitoring of micro machining operations

Project Coordinators

Dr Garret O'Donnell

Mr Dermot Geraghty

Research Students

Mr J. Gilchrist


Detecting tool damage during micro machining is a significant problem as the traditional human senses are not suitable at the length scales involved, for example 100 micron diameter drilling at 200K rpm. This project involves the development of process monitoring strategies using acoustic emission and power monitoring to detect tool condition during small diameter drilling.

Other research interests: Machine design, Fundamentals of metal cutting, process monitoring of material cutting

1/ Gilchrist, J., Connolly, P., Geraghty, D., O’Donnell, G.E., (2009) ‘Investigation into small diameter drilling utilising the acoustic emission phenomenon’  IMC 2009
2/ Gilchrist, J.,O’Donnell, G.E., (2008) ‘An investigation into the commissioning of a precision gantry positioning system for micromachining’ IMC 2008

Funding Body

Enterprise Ireland