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A systematic research of cold spray manufactured novel functional and biocompatible depositions

Project Coordinator

Dr. Rocco Lupoi
Email: [javascript protected email address]
Tel: +353 1 896 1729

Research Staff

Pengfei Yu

Funding Bodies
TCD/CSC partnership


Among metallic biomaterials, tantalum is gaining more attention as a new biomaterial. Tantalum has been shown to be corrosion resistant and bioactive in vivo. What’s more, bacterial infection after prostheses implant surgery always lead to failure and suffering of patients. The combination of Ta with other materials can create novel functional coatings with excellent bioactive and antibacterial performance. Cold spray (CS) uses high-temperature compressed gas as propulsive media to accelerate the feedstock particles and a large part of energy needed for formation is the particle kinetic energy. Deposition is achieved through local metallurgical bonding and mechanical interlocking which are caused by localized plastic deformation at the inter-particle and particle-substrate interfaces. cold spray has been developed as an emerging technology for additive manufacture. In addition, the rough surface and inherent defects like porosity can improve the cell attachment and promote bone ingrowth. Considering the features of CS technology, CS and CSAM are promising manufacturing technologies to produce bioactive and antibacterial coatings and components.