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Navigation aid for people with intellectual disabilities (waytoB)

In 2014/2015 as part of the 5E3 – Innovation in Product Development module, the Trinity Centre for Practice and Healthcare Innovation challenged one of the teams to “Integrate people with intellectual disabilities into society”. The student team went directly to the end user, their families and teachers to understand their needs. During the individual and group interviews, it was repeatedly mentioned that the person with an intellectual disability (ID) was dependent upon others for navigation. The interviewees reported that the need for such assistance was the greatest barrier to successfully participating in social activities.

The waytoB app

After many prototypes waytoB was created. The solution addressed the lack of quality in the lives of people with ID by developing an integrated smartphone and smartwatch platform that allows them to navigate independently, while providing peace of mind to the families. The solution has been recognised and tested by families and service providers for people with ID. It won the Irish James Dyson Award in 2017, the Universal Design Challenge Award in 2016 and is now part of the Academy for Social Entrepreneurs Ireland. The team is currently conducting a pilot test and seeking to commercialise the product in the near future.

Pilot tester Patrick and Pat O'Shea use the waytoB app.

waytoB Co-Founders Talita Holzer and Robbie Fryers with pilot testers Pat and Patrick O'Shea

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