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Design of embodied social robot v2.0 'Stevie'

The group are currently in the active development of a service robot platform for applications involving social interaction with human users. The current prototype, nicknamed ‘Stevie’, integrates previous research in the areas of human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence, robot design and human-centred design.

The robot has been designed to highly social. It can communicate through a variety of modalities, such as speech, gesture and facial expression. The robot has a range of sensors including a 360 degree camera, RGBD depth sensor, microphone and laser scanner.

Recently, the group have been awarded a contract by Enterprise Ireland to commercialise the technology. The technology will initially target assistive living applications; there are currently two pilots planned in 2018.

Further information on this project can be found from the media outlets which covered the development, a sample of which are shown below.

Stevie the robot

Dr. Conor McGinn unveils Stevie at Big Ideas 2017

The engineers behind Stevie the robot