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Heat transfer characteristics of swirling impinging jets

Project coordinator(s)

Prof. Darina Murray
Email: [javascript protected email address]
Tel: +353 1 896 1129

Post-graduate Staff

Mr. Karl J. Brown


Impinging jets are a well known way of dissipating heat off surfaces due to their high heat transfer rates. This project aims to determine the enhancement effect of inducing a swirling flow into an impinging jet. four swirl generating inserts, each with different geometric aspects, are designed and placed in a contoured nozzle impinging jet to compare with a non-swirling jet. to characterise the change in heat transfer due to the inclusion of these inserts, infrared thermography is used along with hot-film sensor measurements and a range of flow rates and nozzle-to-surface heights. results found through these thermal measuring applications are compared against fluctuating heat transfer data and flow visualisation techniques to determine not only if there is a level of enhancement in the heat transfer but also what causes it.

Flow visualisation of normal jet and thermal image of a heated surface due to a normal jet

Flow visualization of a swirling jet and thermal image of a heated surface due to a swirling jet

Funding Body

Irish Research Council