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An Investigation of How the Turbulent Length and Time Scales are Affected by Nozzles With Mixing Enhancement Features

Project coordinator(s)

Prof. John A. Fitzpatrick
Tel: +353 1 896 1778

Research Student(s)

Mr. John Kennedy
Tel: +353 1 896 1998


Recently there has been work showing the dependence of the turbulent length and time scales on frequency. The inclusion of this frequency dependence in turbulence models for aeroacoustics has improved the accuracy of noise predictions. As a leading noise reduction technology, chevron nozzles have been shown to significantly shift the frequency of the noise produced. Variable geometry chevron nozzles are now being tested on full scale aircraft. If these nozzles become design standards noise prediction codes will have to be able to account for changing nozzle geometries in flight. The proposed parametric study of how chevron immersion affects the turbulent length and time scales is an important initial step in providing new turbulence models to handle these new challenges. If these effects can be integrated into the turbulence models then it should be possible to improve our noise prediction capabilities

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