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Congratulations to our MME PhD students, Patrick Lynch, Pattie Mathieu, Robert Johnston, Kevin Gildea, Matteo Solazzo and all other participants of the

22nd Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium & Postgraduate Workshop

organised by the School of Engineering, Ulster University, 17-18 April 2019.

The Sir Bernard Crossland Bursary is awarded annually to a postgraduate student who is in the second year of their PhD research in Mechanical Engineering or closely related disciplines at Universities and Institutes of Technology in Ireland. This is the 22nd event, organised jointly by Engineers Ireland and the Council of Professors of Mechanical Engineering. Funding for the paper prizes is provided by a bequest from Sir Bernard, administered by Engineers Ireland.

This year's symposium was hosted in Belfast by the School of Engineering, Ulster University on 17th and 18th April 2019. The winners were selected on the basis of scientific and technical content, innovative approach, industrial relevance and presentation. A technical paper was prepared and presented by each candidate participating.

An annual postgraduate research workshop is held concurrently with the Sir Bernard Crossland symposium. The candidates participating in the workshop present their work in poster form showcasing leading research carried out within the mechanical (or closely related) engineering in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Candidates from the various Universities and Institutes are nominated by their respective Council of Professors of Mechanical Engineering member.

Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium

Congratulations to the 2019 winners:

  • Paper Awards
    • 1st Place: Darragh Walsh, University of Limerick
    • 2nd Place: Matteo Solazzo (supervised by Prof Michael Monaghan), Trinity College Dublin
    • 3rd Place: Paul Quinn, Waterford Institute of Technology
  • Poster Awards
    • 1st Place: Katie Harte, Queen’s University Belfast
    • 2nd Place: Ryan McFadden, Queen’s University Belfast
    • 3rd Place: Clare Burnett, Queen’s University Belfast