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INDEx Survey

INDEx Survey

The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education are co-ordinating the Irish National Digital Experience Survey, i.e. INDEx Survey in October/November 2019. Trinity College Dublin are running the INDEx Survey for three weeks commencing Monday 11th November 2019

The purpose of the INDEx Survey is to understand more about the digital experiences and expectations of students and staff who teach in Irish higher education. All students and staff who complete the survey will contribute to the evidence that informs important decision-making around digital teaching and learning within Trinity College Dublin – and will influence the future enhancement of digital teaching and learning across the Irish higher education sector. Almost all (28) of Ireland's higher education institutions will participate in the survey (i.e. all Universities, all Institutes of Technology, and the seven largest private Colleges).

All staff who engage in teaching as part of their role are invited to participate in this survey. This includes all who teach students or staff as well as all who support learning and teaching, on campus and/or online.

All students on taught programmes, undergraduate and postgraduate, who are age 18 or over, are invited to participate in this survey. The age limit of 18 is only due to the fact that parental/guardian consent would be required for students under 18 to participate. It is expected that the results derived from analysis of the survey data will be used to improve the student experience for all students.

The INDEx Survey consists of one survey for staff who engage in teaching and one survey for students on taught programmes. The survey contains about 20 questions for staff and about 30 for students will take no more than 15 minutes to complete. There are a number of Trinity specific questions at the end of the national survey that were developed by a local coordination committee of academics, professional staff and student representatives. The survey asks questions about a participants experiences of the institutional digital environment and their use of technology for teaching, learning and assessment. All questions are optional. A participants data will not become part of the dataset for the study until they click YES on the consent form at the end of the survey, and then FINISH. A participant may withdraw at any point before this final step, simply by leaving the survey. The INDEx Survey has received approval from National Forum Ethics Review Board and from the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin.

Participation is completely confidential. The survey data will be analysed by researchers at Trinity College Dublin and at the National Forum. The findings will be used to understand more about students’ and staffs’ digital engagement, experiences and expectations so that we can work together towards enhancing digital learning and teaching.

Should you have a question or comment about this survey, please contact or