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Wishing departing Library colleagues a long and happy retirement

For the second time in a row due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have reached September and are unable to mark the imminent retirement of respected colleagues with the traditional celebrations and ceremonies we normally expect and that they deserve. This year, we are saying goodbye to Assumpta Guilfoyle, Sean Breen, and Peter Guilding. Between them, they have given the Library 136 years of service.

Sean (48 years) has worked in Reading Room Services and for many he is the embodiment of the BLU counter. Assumpta (47 years) and Peter (41 years) have worked in Cataloguing (Bibliographic Data Management Department), where they played significant and well-known roles: Keywords, Banned Books and Shared Cataloguing Programme.

They are joined by two colleagues, Paul Doyle and Loretto Curley who also retired in 2020.

Loretto Curley (15 years) was a member of the Library Guard Team. She took on the job with a real sense of making a good first impression as the first person a visitor would see. She brought a wide range of skills to her role, including her communication skills and her overall friendliness and sense of maturity. We still miss her smile!

Paul Doyle (48 years) joined the Library in 1972 as a Library Attendant and developed into a star performer in Reading Room Services at the BLU Counter. Paul seemed to be on first name terms with everyone he dealt with and was always available for a friendly chat. He was for many the face of the Library.  

Between Loretto and Paul they have given the Library 63 years of service. In total all five retirees have given the Library a phenomenal 199 years of service! The Library won’t be the same without these five stalwarts.

Due to COVID-19 and in compliance with the regulations, the five retirees from both years, their managers and the Librarian’s Office agreed to postpone all official events marking their retirements until this time next year (2022).

Librarian and College Archivist, Helen Shenton thanked all five retirees for their immense contribution to the Library and College:

“For the Library as a whole, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Assumpta, Peter,  Sean, Loretto and Paul for their significant Library service along with their immense contribution to the broader College community. I would also like to congratulate them and wish them a long, healthy and happy retirement. We look forward to next year when we can hopefully enjoy a real celebration in person with you!”