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IReL Open Access agreements update

In early 2021 IReL introduced a number of new transformative open access agreements. This is a major development for the Irish research and publishing landscape and there has been an unprecedented uptake of open access publishing. To date IReL has enabled 20 such agreements across many disciplines, helping to ensure that Irish research is available to the broadest possible audience.

While some of these agreements allow unlimited OA publishing, several are based on a fixed number of OA articles per year, and in several cases our allocations for 2021 are due to run out before the end of the year. Once this happens, these publishers will cease offering immediate OA on publication without charges. From January 2022, they will resume offering OA with a fresh 2022 allocation. 

The agreements which will run out before the end of the year are: 

There remain alternative ways for you to make your work open access:

  1. submitting to a disciplinary or institutional repository, such as TARA.
  2. If your publication was a result of funding, you may be able to use  part of that funding to pay an author processing charge.

If you would like further information please contact