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Green Week: Go Green 2015. Wednesday

Green Week Beate's letteringTrinity College Library supports College’s Green Week 2015, 16-20 February.

Recent additions to the Library’s collections.

All titles are available from the Library.

Environmental diplomacy: negotiating more effective global agreements / Lawrence E. Susskind, Saleem H. Ali. Oxford University Press, 2015. Second edition.

scan0013Location: Berkeley Basement

Shelfmark: HL-368-88

Susskind and Ali address important global environmental issues. Their book provides a comprehensive overview of the geopolitics of negotiating international environmental agreements, with this second edition providing an added perspective from the Global South and an informed analysis of the role of science in environmental politics. Individual chapters relate to current weaknesses in environmental treaty-making, representation and voting, the need for a better balance between science and politics, the advantages and disadvantages of issue linkage, monitoring and enforcement in the face of sovereignty and finally issues around reforming the system.

Fire on earth: an introduction / Andrew C. Scott, David M.J.S. Bowman, William J. Bond, Stephen J. Pyne, Martin E. Alexander. Wiley-Blackwell, 2014.

scan0012Location: Berkeley Basement

Shelfmark: HL-359-710

Fire on earth is a study of the physical, geological, biological and historical aspects of fire on our planet. The text of contemporary thought in this important research area seeks to answer fundamental questions, such as, why planetary fire exists, how it works and why it looks the way it does. Each chapter is written by leading experts, illustrated with full colour images and supported with suggestions for further reading and investigation.