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Expiry of Covid-19 temporary ‘free’ publisher access to online resources

In response to the pandemic, many publishers provided free online access, on a temporary basis, to thousands of books, journals and other resources.

In the early days of the University closure, the Library worked hard to identify which of these online resources, were relevant to university teaching and research activity. All these resources were made available through the Library’s Academic Continuity Guide; in addition, many were integrated into Stella Search.

These resources are available for a limited time only – the expiry date is detailed under each resource in our Academic Continuity Guide. The first tranche expires on the 31st of May; the remainder are available until the 30th of June 2020.

If you require long-term access to resources on this list to support your teaching or research, we invite you to contact your Subject Librarian.

There may be occasions when we are unable to provide access to a resource if:

  • It is not possible to secure a suitable institutional licence
  • It has a substantial cost implication

As always, Library staff will do their best to ensure that the University community has access to the online resources you require.

Following lockdown, the Library has accelerated the purchase of e-books to help with remote study and research; according to the latest figures, we have purchased an additional 800 e-books. If you have submitted a request for an e-book, rest assured we are working hard to fulfil all requests received. Please note we are dealing with a variety of publishers, complex licensing and pricing models, and in some cases, material is simply unavailable for us to purchase. Where possible we will work with libraries across the sector to leverage collective buying power.

Siobhán Dunne (Sub Librarian Teaching, Research & User Experience)
Arlene Healy (Sub Librarian Digital Systems & Services)