eResources Trial to Dialnet Plus

The Library has currently has a trial (until 31/12/2018) to Dialnet Plus.

This is a Spanish database that indexes scholarly journal articles, book chapters, theses and monographs published in Spain. Subject coverage is diverse – from science, technology, law and business to art, history, language and literature.

To search for individual journal articles, search using the ‘Buscar documentos’ box on the home page.

Access to the content differs on a case by case basis. Many of the journals and documents can be accessed directly from Dialnet, whilst other items have links to external websites where the full text is held. There are also some instances where Dialnet only contains the bibliographic record (e.g. title, page numbers, ISBN) and doesn’t have the full text available.

During this trial period, any feedback can be sent to Lorraine Curran,