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Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture: database trial

On trial … Gale is providing TCD Library with a six-week trial period for the database: Crime, punishment and popular culture, 1790-1920 on Gale Cengage’s Artemis platform.

If your interest is in 19th century crime fact or fiction, this database will be of interest to you.

Contents include: documents relating to the development of forensic techniques; detective agency records; prisoner photographs; newspaper reports; ‘true crime’ literature; police force records; prison postcards; penny dreadfuls, dime novels, detective fiction and mysteries; ephemera, murder ballads, crimes dramatized; manuscript collections from well-known figures; crime-related broadsides and prints.

TCD Library has 9 other resources on the Artemis platform. All resources on the platform may be searched individually or as a group. See the TCD Library Stella Record: Artemis Primary Sources

Crime, punishment and popular culture: Trial period: January 2016 –  mid February 2016

If you are affiliated to TCD, you can access this database trial from this post or via the Library’s home page Databases and E-Books link, under the Trial Databases tab.