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Open Book Publishers. Free, scholarly ebooks. Membership trial: 29/1/15-28/2/15

A trial membership for this collection of open access, free, scholarly ebooks is currently available until the end of February, via the Library’s Databases and Ebooks page, Trial Databases tab.

Open Book Publishers is a non-profit organisation established, by academics in Cambridge, to publish rigorously peer-reviewed Open Access monographs. To date, 51 titles in the humanities and social sciences by some of the world’s best known scholars (including Amartya Sen and Noam Chomsky) have been published.

For an annual membership fee, member libraries can allow the full range of formatted digital editions (pdf, epub, mobi) to be freely downloaded by any registered library users. The Library could also allow any digital edition of titles to be uploaded to the library’s own digital repository or ebook collection, to keep permanently. A 15% discount is granted to any registered member of the university library (staff/student/alumnus) on the sales of any printed edition of Open Book Publisher titles, purchased from its website.

What Do We Lose When We Lose a Library?

What do we lose when we lose a library. 9-11 September 2015 KU Leaven, BelgiumTo commemorate the centenary of the destruction of the University of Leuven Library in 1914, the Goethe-Institut Brüssel, the British Council Brussels and the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) are organising a three-day international conference in Leuven on the challenging topic: What do we lose when we lose a library.

Trinity College Library Dublin is a partner on the international team of library experts supporting this important conference.

The fragility of libraries in their material and digital dimension remains, 100 years after the fire, one of the greatest challenges for the transmission of human knowledge. The two conference themes Library & Heritage and Library & Digital Challenge will shed light on the vision and approach of the past and on the future of libraries. Scholars in the field of history, library science, information science, digital humanities, cultural and conservation disciplines are invited to submit an abstract. The aim is to raise worldwide public consciousness of the important task of sharing collective and cultural memory, and to raise awareness of the challenges libraries face in performing this task.

Full details of the event.

Submission of abstracts until 2nd March.

Geofacets database – Trial: 26/1/15-12/03/15

Geofacets provides hundreds of thousands of scientific maps extracted from peer-reviewed publications. The resource offers unique location-based, keyword and advanced search utilities developed by geoscientists for geoscientists. It provides source article information and links along with each map. Geofacets allows users to directly integrate map images and georeferenced maps into GIS and presentation tools.

The Geofacets trial runs for 45 days from January 26th. Go to the Trial Databases tab on the Databases and E-Books page of the Library website.

PsycTESTS Database Trial

This trial is now live for 30 days from 16/01/15. It is accessible from the Trial Databases tab on the Databases and E-books page.

The PsycTESTS database is produced by the American Psychological Association (APA). PsycTESTS is a research database that provides access to psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessments as well as descriptive information about the test and its development and administration. This is a bibliographic database, which also contains full text and multimedia. (76% of test records contain the actual test or test items.)

A Book of Kells Costume!

Fancy something a little different for Halloween?

We occasionally come across iconic images and buildings associated with the Library using in novel and interesting ways, such as the recreation of the Old Library on a wall in Poland, or a library eerily reminiscent of the Long Room appearing in Star Wars.

Add to that this costume inspired by the Book of Kells. The creator used our online repository of the Book to create a skirt and temporary tattoos. She clearly has a great love for the manuscript and took pains to treat it with respect – even though medieval copyists themselves might not be so scrupulous. It’s certainly not something you’ll see every day – great work Amanda!

Library Video Guides

Are you a little unsure about how to find a book on the shelf in the Library? We have a short video entitled “How to Locate Books in Trinity College Library Dublin” which you might find helpful. Would you like to see a demonstration of our FastLane Self-Service System? Then check out our videos on borrowing, renewing and returning.

Our videos are available from the Library’s video guides page,  and on the TCD channel on YouTube.

Don’t forget assistance is available too from your Subject Librarian, the Duty Librarian, and the counter staff. We look forward to meeting you.