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Research Area

Location: Second Floor, Berkeley Library (PDF 33KB)
Office - turn right at top of stairs and right again
Telephone: +353 1 8963271
Mary Higgins (Research Area Supervisor)

The Research Area was created to afford direct access, in one location, to key printed sources for historical research. It incorporates Alcoves 1-25 and Stalls 75-91, Second Floor, Berkeley Library.

  • Mainly British and Irish history books and journals concentrating on local history, complemented by bibliographical, biographical, genealogical and international sources
  • Four main sections distinguished by coloured strips (usually placed at the top of the spine of each book). A colour-coded map is displayed beside the Research Area card catalogue

Yellow - Parliamentary Debates and Papers

  • British parliamentary debates (Alcoves 1-8)
  • Dáil and Seanad Debates (Alcoves 8-10)
  • British Sessional Papers (Alcoves 10-11; Stalls 71-73)

Red - historical records published by public bodies (Stalls 75-81)

  • Public Record Office
  • Historical Manuscripts Commission
  • Irish Manuscripts Commission
  • Royal Commission for Historical Monuments

Blue - Britain and Ireland - antiquarian and record society publications, and source material for specialist areas

  • Britain - history society publications (Alcoves 13-21)
  • Ireland - history society publications (Stalls 82-84)
  • Sources and reference - biographical, heraldic, genealogical, Irish, local, ecclesiastical, education, military, legal, commercial and political (Stalls 85-91)

Green - source and reference material

  • History of Europe and North America, patristics and hagiography (Alcoves 21-25 and Stalls 88-91)

Locating Material

Most of the Research Area collection is listed in Stella Search.

If the item was published pre-2001 and is not listed in Stella, consult the Research Area card catalogue to the right of the stairs. The card catalogue is organised alphabetically by title or author.

If a pre-2001 item is listed in Stella but does do not have an alcove or stall location, consult the card catalogue to get the precise location.

For post-2001 items with no stall or alcove location, ask Research Area staff.

Pay attention to information about series or publishing bodies and any accompanying volume numbers. Such volume numbers will help locate the items on the shelves.

Valuable or important titles are held in a secured cabinet known as the Locked Press.


  • Research Area items can only be used in the Research Area
  • When consulting older books, use foam cradles provided
  • Material from this area may not be photocopied  
  • Digital cameras may be used subject to copyright